Friday, March 24, 2006

Peca Was A Tough Little Bugger Back In The Day

Stumbled across this yesterday, here, while I was googling for Peca's comments in the Vancouver Province. Thought it was kind of interesting.

Nov 27, 1996
2pd 10:04

Buffalo Sabres - Michael Peca
Tampa Bay Lightning - Igor Ulanov

Comments: Peca hits Bannister behind the net and Ulanov makes a bee-line for him, knocking him down. They get up and drop the gloves. Ulanov lands three before Peca gets his first one in and it's bombs city. Peca lands a good shot and Ulanov lands one that stuns Peca and knocks his helmet off. They trade some rights and then switch. Peca lands three lefts, and one more while Ulanov's helmet and visor are to the side. Ulanov lands a glancing left. Ulanov looks tired at this point. Peca lands a big right to the side of Ulanov's head. Ulanov throws a left to the back of Peca's head. They grapple, turn around and then the linesmen come in.
Other Penalties: Peca received an instigator and misconduct.

Voted winner: Draw (56.5%) - Voted rating: 8.3

Peca has taken a fair amount of criticism from Oiler fans, and fairly I think, though he had a helluva game last night.

Sounds like a helluva scrap here. Ulanov isn't a noted fighter, but he's a tough hombre, and a guy who stands up for his teammates.

Ulanov is still the same guy, just slower. Peca ... not so much, but a helluva player back then.


Blogger RiversQ said...

I wonder what happened yesterday. Surely the Oilers' players and coaching staff all sat down with Peca at some point in the last couple of days. Was it something they said or did Peca just come to the conclusion that he had to walk the walk if he was going to do the talking? I guess I don't really care what it was as long as he plays closer to his advertised ability.

He probably doesn't have too many chances to win a Cup left and if he really does care about it then he better not burn an opportunity like this one.

3/24/2006 2:01 pm  
Blogger Dennis said...

Assuming that the Province didn't hold their bullets I'd say they got that story from Peca sometime on Tues. Of course they had lots to print on Wed with the postgame and the like so they held the story until Thursday. The Oilers brass read it or heard about it and then read it and damage control is all of a sudden afoot.

Whatever happened and was said was done in short order because by the time Thurs evening game SN West trots Peca out as their 1st intermission guest and Peca references some of the MacT doctrine. Later on he appears from the revovling door that is the third shooter to appear for the Oilers when they participate in a shootout. And I'll be damned if he doesn't score and on his way to the bench he shouts encouragement to Roloson at the other end.

Roloson gives a nod and then pisses and shits in his pants..

OK, I made that last part up but Peca did shout towards Rolo.

Mike Peca played a helluva game last night for the Oilers and maybe as RQ said he realized this might be a chance to win the Cup. Personally I think that Peca has a better chance of winning the Turner Cup then he does the Stanley Cup with the Oilers but it looks like everything was smoothed over and one thing we can all agree on is that's what's best for the team.

And if this was a peek at the re-juvinated and re-committed Peca then he might be one of the few bright spots down the stretch.

In fact if he's really nice maybe Lowe will ask him to go over and play for Canada at the WHC...

3/24/2006 2:57 pm  
Blogger speeds said...

dennis, you ever read a movie reviewer named "outlaw vern"

You'd appreciate his writing style, here's a link:

you should check out his "Wedding Crashers" review, looks like something you'd write - though I have no idea if you saw/liked that movie.

3/24/2006 3:02 pm  
Blogger Dennis said...

Thanks for the link Mike....I haven't checked out his "Crashers" review but I just read some of some of his stuff and yeah it's funny but I guess I sorta do write like him.

I loved "Crashers" BTW. I usually don't watch a whole lot of popcorn movies but at this point Vince Vaughn is just on cruise control and he nails those type of roles and it always kills me:)

3/25/2006 11:48 am  
Blogger speeds said...

his review of wedding crashers is awesome, he wasn't a huge fan of the movie (I thought it was funnier than he did) but I love how he tore apart that type of movie, pretty good stuff.

I think my favorite reviewer would be Ebert, although I don't agree with him all the time his reviews are better than the movie half the time. Ebert's review of Deuce Bigalow 2 has got to be funnier than the movie (though I haven't seen it, lol).

3/25/2006 12:20 pm  

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