Thursday, March 30, 2006

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Anonymous Julian said...

well, I was at three hours of shinny tonight, right during game time, so I haven't seen a minute of the game.

Nevertheless, OILERZZZZZ!!!!!!

Was it as convincing as the gamesheet says? 4-0, and 31-20? And how'd MAP do? Ten minutes and 67% on the faceoffs looks pretty damn good to me.

3/30/2006 10:30 pm  
Blogger Loxy said...

Complete domination of a team that came out to be dominated.

3/30/2006 10:47 pm  
Blogger speeds said...

I didn't see more than 5 minutes of the game (which the Oilers dominated, saw Spacek's goal but left before Hemsky's goal), but the boxscore tells me Loxy must be dead on.

3/30/2006 10:49 pm  
Blogger Dennis said...

It's baseball time least for most of North America. Down here in the hellhole called Newfoundland most of the Island still checks the forecast twice a day in fear of another 30 cm snowfall with 100 KM winds but in most places in Canada everyone else can feel free to read the baseball spring training reports knowing that better days are just around the corner.

Tonight the Oilers made me think of baseball when they essentially threw a shutout for Roloson. Throwing up a zero for a guy playing like Roloson isn't exactly easy. I'd compare it to a team posting a whitewash hehind a AAA hurler who has a sneaky fastball that somehow always catches the heart of the plate. Or maybe subsititute AAA pitcher and insert Ted Lilly.

Whichever works;)

On this night and for this game at least the Oilers forwards and defense did about 99% of the heavy lifting. The only time Roloson had to sweat was the first part of the second period when the Oilers went to the box three straight times and Rolo slid across the crease to make a nice stop on Mike Cammalarri. Besides that the game wasn't in doubt from the time Samsanov made it 2-0.

So here we have their third win in four games and actually putting a team away. What do we make of it? From my end not a whole helluva lot. Sure the Kings showed some jam in the third period of Wed's game in Calgary but they didn't impress on Monday in Vancouver and this was their second game in two nights.

On the other hand tonight's Oilers team looked a lot more like the one that was severely outchance the opposition for a huge stretch that began after the end of their seven game losing streak back in October. So maybe the worm has turned. This team has only 10 regulation wins in it's last 36 games so there should be a hot streak in there somewhere, no?

We'll find out in short order.

To get down to the details...I'd say that potentially the biggest development tonight was the way the lines matched up. Frolov-Conroy-Demitra had been eating people alive all season and now Brown's replaced Demitra but the other two guys are still plus players. Tonight MacT went with 18-37 and either 20 or 34 as their right winger and those guys drew the toughest assignment. Meanwhile our first line faced the Avery-Belanger-Kotsopolous troika. I'm wondering if this was MacT's doing or if Torchetti threw the first stone and MacT just decided he'd roll with it. I'd like to think that MacT decided to switch gears because as Vic illustrated today Peca's been just a -3 since Spacek was acquired, ie on the ice for 4 GA and on the ice for 1 GF. That's -3 I know but doesn't it make sense to have Peca matchup up against the other team's top unit and then we free the 10 and 16 lines to carve up the other team's remaining lines? Sure he might not come out even but think of what the Horc line would do against the other team's second line and what the Stoll line would do against the other team's third line? Has MacT finally figured this out? I can't wait for the next game to see if he goes with Peca against Iginla because if that's the case then I might start believing in this team's potential again.

At least from the forwards out mind you;)

Samsonov fits like a glove with the Oilers and has found some great chemistry with 14-16. Those guys are making more passes than James Caan at the Playboy Mansion. Is that reference too old? Too bad;)

MAP made his debut for the Oilers and went 9/13 from the faceoff circle and wasn't dominant but he also didn't stand out with any terrible plays either. Winchester threw his weight around all game and even took on Parros. Back to MAP for a second...I've opined that I think the plan for '07 might be to break him in on the 3rd line with responsible guys like Moreau and Pisani or Dvorak. That would especially make sense if MacT goes back to a power vs power approach and uses the Horcoff line against the other team's top units.

So again..what do we all make of this? Is this the beginning of a hot streak that will take us to the end of the regular season and no worse than 6th place in the conference? Or were we just due at home and took advantage of a Kings team on it's last legs?

Saturday will go a long way towards letting us know, IMO. The Oilers have beaten the Flames three times this year but once was in a SO, another was in OT and the other game had Pisani scoring the winner with less than a minute left. So I'll go on a limb and say that if the Oilers beat the Flames by at least two goals on Saturday night...the hot streak has offically begun

3/30/2006 10:53 pm  

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