Thursday, March 23, 2006

Some quick first period thoughts...

(1) I'm not one to overstate the importance of faceoffs, but this no center on the 1st PP unit doesn't seem to be working particularly well; they are just throwing away valuable PP time with all those lost draws. In particular when Stoll or Horcoff would probably be better options than Spacek anyways.

(2) Nice hit by Peca, hope to see more of that.

(3) Disappointed to not see Pouliot draw in, but it doesn't look like they plan on using Murray much in any case. He made a pass on his first shift in the defensive zone that looked kind of dangerous to me. I think I could have passed him on that rush during his second shift, though his pass to a streaking Moreau did result in a penalty drawn.

Overall I thought it was a pretty even period, and if Samsonov had finished and Roloson saved the Bertuzzi shot it could easily have been 1 or 2 nothing Oilers thru one.


Anonymous lowetide said...

Agree on that PP faceoff thing, it's another of those mystery decisions. Maybe MacT is trying to be unpredictable the way Don Zimmer used to be (I hope Zim was trying to be unpredictable).

Anyway, helluva period and all the bad luck turned good for a time.

I worry way too much about this team.

3/23/2006 9:40 pm  

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