Wednesday, April 26, 2006

A Few Postgame Thoughts

Man is it ever a young crowd during the playoffs. When you're plowing your way through the congested concourse during the regular season there are whacks of middle aged folks to get past. Come playoffs and the average age must drop at least a decade, maybe more. Where did these kids get their tickets? Where did the oldies go?

I like Rem Murray, always have. I remember a televised game in Nashville back when he was still in his first run as an Oiler. The local broadcaster had the over-ice mics cranked up a bit too high and you could hear some players talking. Anyway, there's a battle for the puck, Murray is in there and some Predator (Aubin I think) goes down like a back of rocks, the ref raises his arm, Murray is going to get a penalty. Then you could hear Rem Murray's voice, this just by memory, but he said in an angry and animated way: "Aw fuck! Get the fuck up you fuckin' pussy!". Accompanied by an extra whack to the Pred on the ice. I mean how can you NOT like the guy? :-)

And I still like him. But he's done as an NHLer. And it pains me to say that.

Hemsky's attempted hit on Chelios was pure gold. Talking about the one where he missed the mark and drove himself into the end boards. It had a homocidal quality about it. Good to see. Besides that the Samsonov-Stoll-Hemsky line was a bag of suck. They were on the ice for a tonne of time in their own end of the rink, and a bunch of Detroit's best scoring chances by my eye.
Having said that; damn! Samsonov and Hemsky are fun to watch.

MacTavish must have had the same fear as Dennis about the kids being overzealous at the start of the game in front of the raucous home crowd. During the first few minutes of the game the Oilers forwards never forechecked a lick. Just fell back into a 2-2-1 even when it didn't really make sense. Then the Peca line broke that pattern and they rolled on.

Horcoff had a terrific game.

The music guy played "Cotton Eyed Joe" at the game last night. Whatever happened to the guy who did that crazy dance to that tune, up and down the stairs in that reckless way. He was great, but I haven't seen him in a few years. I miss him, he was good.

I like Chelios. Then again I also liked Behn Wilson. :-) Yesterday a friend of mine told me about a game vs Detroit at Rexall, DET won and Chelios was one of the game stars. Of course those guys usually don't come out for the 3-star call on the road, or if they do it's just for a 15 foot loop and a quick wave of the stick. Chelios came out all the way around centre ice, bowing and blowing kisses. :D Priceless. Also: if Hallmark made a "Sorry I Accidentally Speared You" card, this guy would be buying them in bulk, there's an Eddie Shore quality about the guy.
Having said that, Chelios needs to be burnt in effigy outside Rexall before game 4, just to show the hockey gods that we're serious.

WTF was Legace thinking on the OT winner. Seemed pretty lackadaisical turning around, did he not know where the puck was?

I heard Babcock on the 1260AM postgame radio show bitching about the officiating.

Some guys, like Stoll, look like they are living out a childhood dream with every shift. And some guys, like Lang, look like they are thinking about how beautiful Prague is this time of year.

Detroit played more aggressively in this one than we're used to seeing from them. Still sat back at times, but not as much as expected.

I heard on the radio that some of the Detroit fans in the crowd had a rough go of it. That's a shame, I mean if they are being assholes it's fair enough to torment them, in fact it's your duty to as an Oiler fan. But if they are being civil ... then it's just bad form to pick on them.

The throwing beef on the ice thing seems kind of lame to me. But the attempted getaway of the fat guy in the white shirt ... that was pure gold! :D


Blogger Black Dog Hates Skunks said...

I put out an APB on Sammy just before the second OT last night - of course then he helped on the winner but jeez you'd expect more.

Post game interview with Stoll - "what did you think of the atmosphere?" He just smiled and said, just like a kid, "It was pretty cool."

Poor Rem. But now apparently MAP has mono (how old is he anyway - isn't that soemthing you get in high school?) so who's going to take his place?

There is a video of that Chelios curtain call on one of the Canuck sites - oped or something - or a similar deal - I think this one was in Vancouver though - check it out - there's a link to the site on Battle of Alberta - sorry not more specific - the blogger is paying off a bet to a Wings' blogger I think.

Frigging Chelli - still a prick after all of these years but man, he'll play until he's 50 I think

4/26/2006 2:06 pm  
Blogger Loxy said...

I don't know why fans torment fans of the other team. This has always been a sore spot for me - especially now that I am from the "other" team.

Just enjoy the game. Cheer for your team and be done with it. Just because they aren't Oilers fans, doesn't mean they are bad people. You gotta respect someone who sticks with their team no matter what..

Do you want them to join the Oilers bandwagon? That just doesn't seem right.

4/26/2006 2:06 pm  
Anonymous snafu said...

Thanks Vic, for pointing out that Hemsky drove himself into the boards by trying to teach Cheli a new trick or two. The wily old buzzard had enough sense to step out of the way. I think he's probably written the book on "tricks" and it isn't the first time a young guy looked foolish trying. Love him or hate him-- there's a reason he's survived this long.

4/26/2006 3:21 pm  
Blogger Vic Ferrari said...


Must be Chelios' modus operandi if he is voted one of the game stars on the road. The league needs more guys like that. If I had made the NHL and been a game star, I wouldn't care where i8t was, I'd do the same thing. Seize the moment. :-)

4/26/2006 5:06 pm  
Blogger Vic Ferrari said...


Yeah, I've had some unpleasantness with Stars fans in the playoffs in the past, but they were being dinks, so it was fair.

But I felt for any poor bastard in a Wings jersey who had to take a piss last night. THAT'S a tough room! :D And the stories of Wings fans getting pelted when they cheered ... one of those unproud Oiler fan moments.

So long as you're not being an ass I think people should be decent to you. Of course the flip side to that is that Wings fans should know what they are getting themselves into when they wear red to Rexall and cheer for the bad guys. I mean just wear a T-Shirt guys.

I remember a few years ago there was an obnoxious Stars fan sitting near me, standing up and goading when the Stars scored their first (I had a good line then btw: "JUST SIT DOWN! But don't sit down because you're a Stars fan, sit down because you're ugly!" It was a laugh winner, and got his ass in his seat :) ) I also started the "bullshit" chant after Weight's atrocious hit from behind the same year. I was yelling it by myself for about a minute, but slowly others joined in. I'm strangely proud of that.

Anyhow, this guy had made a few UNfriends by the end of the game, and he stayed and let the place pretty much clear before leaving, then he asked for a security escort, and they only obliged when he agreed to take off his Stars jersey and carry it in a Safeway bag.

My point, and I do have one: If they're civil ... let them be. If they're obnoxious ... don't. :)

4/26/2006 5:48 pm  
Blogger Dennis said...

Back in my younger days I would wear an Oilers jersey to AHL games when the Dogs visited.

It didn't go over well;)

I would also counter the "Go Leafs Go" with "Blow Leafs Blow"

Once didn't go over well:)

As for the game last night...I think the Oilers have a helluva chance to win if they keep playing the trap. It frustrated the shag out of the Wings and leads to all kinds of Det offsides, dump-in's and turnovers and as a guy just getting used to cheering for a trap team I must say that I love it.

It's a lot less nerve wracking.

I still can't believe the Oilers won last's been forever since we've won in OT so I was just sitting back waiting for Franzen to somehow score.

I was the one who lobbied for the 12-16-83 line as a unit who'd be sheltered from the tough matchups and thus might be able to score a few goals for us. It hasn't happened thus far though. I really need to see something from 12-83 and posthaste!

4/26/2006 6:12 pm  
Anonymous Robert Cleave said...

The Chelios free skate in Vancouver is here. The hit Bertuzzi drops on him at the end is pretty great as well.

4/26/2006 7:34 pm  
Anonymous lowetide said...

Agree on Rem, Vic. Kind of hurts to watch him and I'm happy he made it all the way back but if we're being completely honest I wish it was with another team.

Cruel, but true.

4/26/2006 7:47 pm  
Blogger Dennis said...

Rem really put on a pathetic display last night. And this while him sticking his stick out to top Maltby's G1 2OT winner is fresh in everyone's minds.

So if 22 doesn't sit out tomorrow night I don't think he ever will...unless Moreau comes back. Right now the only thing that can push Murray out is BG draws back in and I thought that was a given when you consider how he can make the crowd hum.

Back to the game and I just re-watched it and it's as clear as day. If the Oilers trap there's a great chance they'll win. If the Oilers don't trap then you're asking Rolo to make a whole whack of big saves.

The Oilers seemed content with going back and forth between trap and aggressive forecheck in G2 but they let the crowd influence them in G3 and not in a good way either.

MacTavish and Co in reviewing these tapes will clearly see that success could be in the cards if they continue to trap.

4/26/2006 8:17 pm  
Blogger Dennis said...

A couple of other things I forgot to mention.

I miss a lot when I watch it live because I can't really appreciate all the nuances. I want the club to win and sometimes I get caught up in it:)

In any case here goes...

I was wondering why the Wings had a faceoff in our zone so quick after the goal. Well..MacT went with the Horc line with 94-26 on the wings and the boys attempted to trap but 26 fell down around centre and that's why the Wings got a shot on Rolo and thus got the faceoff.

On was only once the Wings tied it did 26 look out of place. At that point he sorta lost his cool. It's certainly worth giving him another shot next game though. The matchup looks to be 10's line against Datsyuk's line and that's going pretty good for us.

Spacek played a whale of a game. I'd love to see his winning % when it came to one on one battles. He was an absolute horse. Smith got caught up in the moment a few times but overall a great night for our two top pairs. I know we gave up a lot of shots but a lot of those came on the Wings PP and once we stopped trapping in the OT's then there isn't a lot the D can do to prevent shots. But when you trap then you get dump-in's and then you're asking your D to win the ensuing one on one battles and Jaro was up to the challenge on this night.

All in all an excellent third period for the Oil outside of the discipline and how they played the first three or four min after the score became tied.

The PP looks shitty again though. Something has to be reworked.

Great rebound control by Rolo until the first OT. And then come the OT's he managed to make two or three great saves. He's defintely doing his job.

4/26/2006 11:01 pm  

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