Thursday, May 04, 2006

It's A Shark!!!

Just like expectant fathers, not that I've experienced this nor do I ever care to, Oilers fans sat back tonight and watched the Ducks/Flames game and waited to see who the Oilers would face next. It turns out it's San Jose and though many Oilers fans wanted Calgary and another BOA I think that if you look at things logically you'd say San Jose is a better matchup for Edmonton.

Let the games begin.

One last note because I can't let this go;) In terms of what happened to the Flames let's just say Simon played like Simon, Donovan played like Donovan and I could use that for about seven other Flames forwards which is impressive considering you can only ice 12 at a time. Phaneuf was a post season pumpkin and MC's description of Hamrlik as a double agent was proven to be quite apt. I have a delivery for Flames fans. It's called a dose of reality. You can sign for it right now. Thanks.


Blogger Asiaoil said...

Yeah better to see the Sharks now while we are relatively rested and healthy - I have no doubt that the flames could be taken - but it would take a serious physical toll and SJS would still be waiting for us in the next round. We will have to beat them at some point so bring 'em on now since we came out of the DET series in pretty good shape.

5/05/2006 1:08 am  

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