Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Oilers Advance

A terrific crowd last night, and obviously an amazing game. And already a lot of good stuff has been written about it. Just thought that I'd add a few bits here.

I don't know how long the goal review lasted in real time. But it felt like about 45 minutes, and aged me about 2 years. :-) Would it kill them to replay these on the jumbotron? Just as I was getting a dark feeling, you could see McGeough talking to the captains by the penalty box, Smith started grinning ear to ear, and going by Yzerman's emotional gesticulating I'd say he was whining like a young Gretzky Crosby. Good times!

After the first period the Oilers had played their best 20 minutes of the series. Turns out that they were yet to play their worst and best periods of the season. Crazy game.

One madass aggressive game from the Oilers on the forecheck. I thought they were pushing it too far while I was watching, but no arguing with results.

All the young players (Torres, Bergeron, Stoll and Hemsky) came through with solid games. Didn't give up as much as they did earlier in the series, except when Hemsky got his shifts with Horcoff and Smyth ... that was a series of giveways at the blue lines. :D Old groove I guess. Torres especially is a guy who seemed to get better every game by my eye ( I just about called Raffi "reliable" there, yowzers! 8-| )

The Oilers clearly got way more than their share of bounces in this series, but I don't think they should apologize for that, they were due for some love from the hockey gods.

I watched some of the players exit the ice, a lot of fans always lean over the corridor to congratulate and high five the players when they win, especially in the playoffs. Winchester killed me :D dude is living a dream. Staios was the vet I noticed who was feeling the joy down the gauntlet, good for him, #24 had a really good series I thought.

Everyone on talk radio seems to want a battle of Alberta. Me ... not so much. I'd rather see the Flames lose to Anaheim. The Oilers can take San Jose, and it would be better hockey to watch.

Turns out that speeds was right about the special teams being closer to equal than we thought intuitively, and riversq was right about Pronger being a playoff performer. Personally, I won't need an optimism fix for the next round ... but it was nice to have it for this one. :-)

The planets are aligning here. Everyone else remaining in the West is very beatable by this Oiler team. If Roloson keeps playing well and the young guys continue to improve ... lots of reasons for optimism right now methinks.


Blogger Black Dog Hates Skunks said...

Among all of the things we learned about this team (nearly all positive) from this series I think the biggest revelation was Torres. Really no surprise that Pronger, Smyth and Horcoff would raise the level of their games or that Stoll would contribute or even that Pisani would be a factor (maybe not as big a factor) but Raffi played a nice solid series - took care of his own end, threw some nice hits, made some nice plays, kept himself under control - whenever this season ends it would behoove MacT/Lowe/Pronger/?? to take Mr. Torres aside and challenge him - if he puts it together he could be a serious serious impact player

I could only imagine what it was like to be at that game - man I am jealous. I kept tellimg my father in law - McGeough is telling the video guy to get it right or he's not getting out of there alive

5/02/2006 1:45 pm  

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