Monday, May 08, 2006

Thoughts Of The Night

Briefly, because I'm despondent right now:

1. They can send a man to the moon, but they can't develop the technology to put a button on my remote that gives Greg Millen a painful electric shock. 8|

2. Hemsky is just 22, Hemsky is just 22, Hemsky is just 22. Everyone repeat it 100 times. Sweet Christ, It couldn't have been easy for MacTavish to get this fucker almost every shift against the Goc types on San Jose. Hemsky is just 22, Hemsky is just 22, Hemsky is just 22. Serenity fucking now.

3. That big shark mouth that the San Jose players skate through at the start of the game ... that's gayer than figure skating, just is.

4. Being down 2-0 in a best of seven series against a good team ... that's a bad thing. But 3 other teams are in the same boat right now, and 22 beyond that are much worse off.


Blogger RiversQ said...

The forwards as a group are lacking right now. They need to forecheck with a little more purpose - many of them don't really commit and the ones that do (Moreau and Torres) are way too concerned with taking the body instead of regaining possession.

The Oilers are also deeply in love with the point shot in all situations. Some of these forwards are going to have to establish some puck control down low at some point. Forget using the point shot at every opportunity and get some possession and pressure.

Surprisingly I think the dmen are doing OK. I thought Spacek and Staios were ragdolled in Game 1, but they really weren't too bad in this one despite getting victimized on the first goal and drawing a penalty for the PP GW. The Oilers can't play that much time in their own end without having the dmen look shaky at some point. Not only are the forwards not helping to keep the puck deep in the Sharks' zone they haven't been effective at getting out of their own.

The only positive thus far is that the special teams edge still appears to go to the Oilers. The Sharks' PP still doesn't impress me. They generated a few chances but that was bad luck on the Joe T goal IMO - Cheechoo pretty obviously took Stoll's stick, then Smith goofs up down low, Cheechoo's "pass" is head height to Thornton, if he doesn't convert it that cleanly it probably doesn't go in either. Cheers to them if they ever bag another goal like that one.

Their PK doesn't look great either, but it hasn't needed to be because the Oilers aren't drawing enough penalties.

The games don't get any bigger than Game 3.

5/09/2006 12:40 am  
Blogger Vic Ferrari said...


Ya, the forwards aren't winning enough battles and aren't paying the price to keep cycling, to hold possession in deep and wait for a better chance to move to the net. I'm really not sure if it's lack of try, and you hate to assume that ... but one team looks a bit hungrier, and that team is not the Oilers.

Let's hope they pull it together for G3. This is the kind of style of play that a wild crowd could really help the home side. (BTW, the San Jose fans seem like a rowdy bunch, looks like a fun place to watch a game)

5/09/2006 12:44 am  
Blogger Black Dog Hates Skunks said...

We'll see - I think the Oil pull it together tomorrow night for the win - they HAVE to win and I think that gives them that edge. Game 4 will be the key.

I'm torn on Hemsky - like you said - only 22 only 22 only 22 - if you've seen any of Ottawa playing Spezza is just as maddening - one moment brilliant, next indifferent.

But then you see Staal scoring big goal after big goal.

Of course Havlat was terrible in the playoffs, not even a goal last time around, and now look at him.


5/09/2006 6:55 am  
Blogger Dennis said...

I had the Oilers in six going into this series and now I'd say Sharks in 5. I'll say we win G3 because there'll be enough emotion to shock the boys from their malaise plus Toskola is due to give up three in a game and guys like Smyth won't be kept down forever.

After that and looking ahead to G4 it's a toss up. I'd be shocked if we can get it together enough to win two in a row at home.

I really started to believe in the Oilers when they played excellent road games in G2 and then 5 in Det but the Oilers lost me last night with the way they played in the third period. Not as a fan mind you because I was super pissed when they lost last night but they lost me in terms of me believing in them. You just cannot have that kind of effort in the third period of a game where you're trailing by a goal and you're already trailing in the series by a game. It's inexcuseable.

Here's hoping MacT shakes up the lines a little and tries to keep it status quo top six against top six but does a little something where our third line can do a better job against their third line. Vic hit on this above and I hit on it earlier at OF or LT but it's killing me that the Stoll line can't generate any offense against the Goc 3rd line of the Sharks.

It's our building and our matchups so I'd suggest a 12-10-94 vs Thornton's line and the Peca line against Marleau. Then go 18-16-83 against the Goc line. And I'd also like to see more trapping and try and keep the puck away from SJ. The big guys like Cheechoo and Joe T shield it from us and the Marleau line does the same thing albeit with speed. It's time to clog the Nzone and see if their young D can break it on a consistent basis.

5/09/2006 9:10 am  
Blogger Dennis said...

I know it's hard to play the "sometimes we'll trap and other times we'll be agressive" hybred but I think the Oilers got too caught up in the whole machismo aspect of being outhit in G1 and thus their primary focus became outhitting S2 in G2.

It's alright to take that pound of flesh but I'd rather clog up the zone and watch the Sharks get frustrated at turning over the puck.

5/09/2006 9:12 am  
Blogger RiversQ said...

Agreed Dennis. I swear I saw the lightbulb above Moreau's head at about the halfway point of the 1st period in Game 1 - "Oh snap! I can skate around and hit everything in sight now. It's like the Ron Low era all over again."

He started taking angles and making hits that he never tried in any of the Detroit games. Same goes for Torres - neither of them are all that concerned about the puck anymore. Speaking of Torres... He had a really nice series against Detroit and now he's back to normal. I think LT reluctantly labelled him as "reliable" in the DET series, but now he's everything but reliable. Too bad that goes for every Oiler forward.

5/09/2006 2:37 pm  
Blogger Dennis said...

Yeah we haven't seen all that much from the Peca line thus far. Peca didn't score on any of them but at least he had chances in the first two games of the Det series. Same goes for Torres and of course Pisani sniped in G2. Now last night Pisani did get to the puck in a couple of tight spots but once failed to get great wood on his shot and another time was checked just in time. But at least he's getting there.

But now that we're discussing it yeah I can see how anyone would believe the Oilers got caught up in the checking and nothing else. And we need a big game from 94 come tomorrow night.

And I'm sick of Hemsky right now.

5/09/2006 3:11 pm  

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