Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Your Oiler Fan Power Rating: An IOF Quiz

You know that you are a big hockey fan and a bigger Oiler fan, but you probably don't know how you stack up to the other hardcore nutjobs out there. That's why we have this quiz. From now on we'll be using the symbol on the left to denote IOF posts that are quiz based.

To keep the scoring system clean, the answers and points rewarded system is attached in the comments section of a post entitled Have You Seen Junior's Grades? which is located near the bottom of this page (no peaking). Bonus points are awarded for detailed answers, so show your work! Questions may or may not be true.

Q1. The symbol above was the original logo of which NHL team? (Proof with hockey card earns extra points ... but that's your last clue on the scoring system)

Q2. This current Oiler frequently posts on the internet using the handle "WyldBerri" (btw: If you, like me, are a Buffy fan, then you know how confusing this is on that fanboard where there are two WyldBerris.) Who is he?

Q3. This Oiler is terrified of moths, who is he?

Q4. Pat of BDHS fame has hundreds of photos of college girls flashing their breasts. True or False?

Match the Oiler fan blogger with the man-crush:

Oiler fan:



Q5. This Oiler player takes candid pictures of the puck bunnies he nails ... then emails them to young Oiler entreporneurs. Who is he?

Q6. As a child, this Oiler's parents ritually beat the back of his legs with a knotted rope. Who is he?

Q7. When I popped into St. Pete's strip club at noon (for the buffet) I noticed five Oiler players there. Two were as drunk as skunks. And one was the designated driver. Name them.

This Oiler player once spent over $10,000 on teen chat lines in a single month. Who is he?

Q9. This Oiler fan blogger, while trying to write a romantic poem to lure in Loxy or Moreau's wife (he sent it to both!) emailed me asking if I knew of any words that rhymed with "boobs". Who is he?

Q10. This Oiler was regional spelling bee champion as an 11 year old. Who is he?


Good Luck! Please post your answers and tally up your own Oiler Fan power ranking.


Blogger Black Dog Hates Skunks said...

Jesus, you're kidding. Oh well, here goes.

1. Oakland Golden Seals
2. leGG
3. That chicken Hemsky
4. If I did I wouldn't be surfing hockey blogs.
riversq - Gretzky
loxy - Reasoner
mudcrutch - Fuhr, no Horcoff
cosh - Pronger
lowetide - MacT
5b. Has to be Harvey with his stash
6. Smytty - preparation for his future office
7. Stoll was DD. Torres and Horc were loaded. MAB and Ulanov were there for the buffet
8. Harvey
9. Pleasure Motors that pervert
10. LeGG

5/17/2006 1:10 pm  
Anonymous lowetide said...

1. The Pittsburgh Rulers?

2. Steve Staios. Easy one.

3. Hmmm. Ethan Moreau.

4. No. Pat has thousands of draught photos though, which I find extremely attractive.

mudcrutch-MacTavish (with Hrudey rising)
lowetide-Horcoff (am I that obvious?)

5 (the second question 5)
Ryan Smyth

6. Roloson

7. Torres, Horcoff, Winchester, Greene and Rem Murray. Torres and Greene were gunned and Rem wobble-necked all the way home behind the driver's seat.

8. Georges Laraque.

9. Geez, I don't know this one but wish I did.

10. Hmmm. Gotta pass on this one, to be honest I don't believe you. Nothing personal, but that's a huge skill leap for a hockey player. Staios?

5/17/2006 1:21 pm  
Blogger Black Dog Hates Skunks said...

Rem wobble-necked - hee

5/17/2006 1:49 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

...hardcore...Buffy girls flashing their club...teen chat lines...boobs

Hmmm, someone has done some research as to how to increase traffic to his blog.

5/17/2006 3:28 pm  
Anonymous momentai said...

btw: If you, like me, are a Buffy fan...

Come on. What is it with posting hockey message boards and Buffy? I now know that yourself, Digger, and I watched Buffy when it was on.

Couple that with the fact that MC watches America's Next Top Model... and I can't help but laugh at us.

5/18/2006 9:28 am  
Blogger Vic Ferrari said...


Hell no. Just being a smartass because the mood struck me. I'm interested in drawing the perv crowd to this ad-free blog. Here at IOF: We're about the music, man.

5/18/2006 10:46 am  
Blogger Vic Ferrari said...


I've never watched an episode of Buffy, I was just talking crap.

And you and Digger watch that show!? HaHaaa! Now I have ammo if I argue with you guys. :D

5/18/2006 10:50 am  
Anonymous momentai said...

LIAR! It's in print now, Vic. You can't take it back.

And is that really worse than what mud watches? :p

You're laughing a little too hard. But I can take anything you dish out Vic. :)

5/18/2006 11:01 am  
Blogger mudcrutch79 said...

What the fuck...have you guys ever seen America's Next Top Model? Unintentional Comedy Score is HUGE! Trust me, as soon as you watch these girls read, you're on the floor laughing. Plus, there is tons of fun to be made:

MC79's Buddy Last Night: "So what does that chick get for winning?"
MC79: "She'll get an extra ten bucks 6 months from now when she's selling lap dances."

Good times-you all need to watch.

5/18/2006 2:06 pm  
Anonymous Doogie2K said...

1. Everyone can plainly see the "T" is a variant of the old Toronto Arenas logo. Duh. Probably a transitory logo between that and the green-styled St. Pats.

2. The former Wyld goaltender Dwayne Roloson, of course.

3. Tough guy Georges Laraque was attacked by about fifty when he was eight, and still has the scars to prove it.

4. True, and he's a Goddamn holdie.

5. Ooh, haven't been around long enough to pick up on all of them, but I'm pretty sure Cosh's is Pronger, LT's is Horcoff, and mine is Smytty.

5. Chris Pronger charms 'em like that guy behind the camera on Girls Gone Wild. (I've always wondered how that guy does it.)

6. As noted above, it's gotta be Smytty. Too obvious.

7. Stoll and Torres were shit-faced, Gator was stuck with the keys, and Tarnstrom and Conklin just sat there all "yo, 'sup?", takin' in the show.

8. Mike Peca. His family's still back east, right? Makes a man lonely after a while.

9. Chris! strikes me as the obvious answer. The punctuation is deceptive.

10. Steve Staios. Unfortunately, too many pucks to the head means he can barely spell "puck" today.

5/18/2006 8:50 pm  
Anonymous Doogie2K said...

Ah, I've now visted Loxy's blog and would like to add the answer to 5 (Loxy --> MacT), if that's okay.

5/18/2006 9:37 pm  
Blogger Vic Ferrari said...


Damn, deduct 20 points from your score doogie! Loxy is Reasonercrazy, in a 'restraining order' kinda way.

5/20/2006 2:28 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

are we ever going to get the answers?

5/23/2006 11:10 am  
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