Monday, July 03, 2006

Spezza should be the target

This is speeds' territory, but it needs to be said.

A hard run at Spezza would put the Sens over a barrel. A $5-6MM/yr cap number would push them to the limit and Spezza would be worth it.

They've got 12 players under contract for just over $31MM this year. Signing replacement players to fill the roster would cost $5MM, so Muckler really only has $7MM (plus $1MM leeway) to work with to fill spots above and beyond the replacement level.

RFA offer sheet to Spezza - 5yrs, $32.5MM.

Muckler can't even really retaliate this year to punish us either - he just doesn't have the room.


Anonymous PDO said...

Pitkanen is a better target for multiple reasons.

Anything over 5M is 4 1st's... so 4.99 is the max you're going to want to offer.

Offer 4.99M and you lose 2 1sts, a 2nd and a third. I think Pitkanen would be a lot more likely to sign a 19M deal than Spezza. So you throw that offer at Pitkanen (and anyone who saw him last year will tell you - he can play on the top two pairings today.. which is our biggest loss).

Do that, the trade turns into Pronger and a first for Pitkanen, Lupul and Smid.

Looks a lot better, doesn't it?

7/03/2006 3:12 pm  
Anonymous pdo said...

Spezza re-signed.

7/03/2006 3:17 pm  
Blogger RiversQ said...

I don't know if a dman is worth it though. Pitkanen could be interesting though but the Flyers aren't really in terrible cap shape.

$32.5MM with 17 players under contract. Gagne will be pricey, but it's doable.

7/03/2006 3:22 pm  
Blogger RiversQ said...

Got a link, pdo? I haven't seen anything yet.

7/03/2006 3:25 pm  
Anonymous pdo said...

There's a post on HFBoards, nothing else yet. Trade rumors section.

I could've sworn Philly was in worse shape. I know Umberger and Niity are also RFA's... but I didn't realize they had that much cap space.

Especially after the deals for Hatcher and Rathje ;).

7/03/2006 3:32 pm  
Blogger RiversQ said...

Ah crap, forget it.

He did resign.

7/03/2006 3:49 pm  
Anonymous momentai said...

Anyone want to take a run at Patrice? He isn't signed yet is he?

If we're going to do any RFA poaching, though, it would be good to get our RFA's done first.

Though, if I've said it once... I've said a thousand times. (speeds remembers this old argument) Lowe wouldn't engage in something like this. He is fully entrenched in the old boys' network... I can't imagine him doing it even if I would.

7/03/2006 3:54 pm  
Anonymous MikeP said...

TSN shows Patrice unsigned. Not sure if he'd be worth it though.

What GM *would* engage in something like that? By which I mean precisely and exactly, which GM *has* tried to poach an RFA with a hardcore offer? I don't think it's just Lowe.

For it to be worth it, it needs to be some young gun offered a tremendous contract (which he has to agree to, just because an offer's large doesn't mean the player will take it), which means chances are, that GM will have less to re-sign one of his own RFAs. Hemsky, Stoll, and Horcoff in this case. What would Horc or Stoll think if Lowe threw 6mm at Patrice Bergeron? I'm guessing, "I'd better be getting 4 at least." Not entirely sure if it's worth it, although I suggested that Lowe might take a look at the other-RFA market myself.

7/03/2006 4:24 pm  
Anonymous oilswell said...

I hope I'm not kicked out of the party because I only brought questions.

How well does a shiny new 1st and 2nd round pick set a team up to go RFA hunting? What if said team is looking more and more like they'll have no room to put their picks if they keep them?

Are there any rules stating that RFA offers need to be publicised?

Is there a list of teams not holding the rights to their next season's 1st rounders?

7/05/2006 12:37 am  
Anonymous Julia said...

What about Gagne? Apparently he's rejected the latest Flyers offer, and he's looking for about 4.5. If they can't trade for him, would he be worth offering 4.99M for?

I know offense is the least of the Oilers concerns right now, as are LWs, but if they could get him for a Torres, who is a hell of alot cheaper....

7/05/2006 11:19 am  
Blogger RiversQ said...

Oilswell: Technically you're out, but I'll humour you anyway. ;) My rather uninformed answers to your questions:

Good point, I'm sure it helps. Heck, it can't hurt. I wonder if you have to trade the acquired ones to get your own future ones back though?

Not to my knowledge. It may explain the quiet, but right now that's about the same size as collusion. One is Bigfoot and the other is Nessie at the moment.

I don't know where such a list would exist.

7/06/2006 12:32 am  

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