Friday, July 21, 2006

The St. Louis Blues Fake Blog

A terrific article over at sidearm delivery, the St. Louis Blues apparently set up a fake blog, not surprisingly the anonymous blogger was wildly upbeat.

Damn. It doesn't get greasier than that.

Good Christ, BLUEREV1 has updated the Fanifesto over there. Right now I wish mudcrutch and Dennis were Blues fans, these BlueRevolution cats deserve abuse.


Blogger mudcrutch79 said...

I checked out the free taco post. When I tried to point that I'd heard Blues fans preferred sausage, I learned that the comments were moderated.

Terrible fucking site too. It must chap the boys asses at CiO a bit - the Blues should want a site like that, something funny and genuine and instead they're paying some ad agency big bucks to produce a dopey piece of shit. Unreal.

7/21/2006 2:35 pm  
Anonymous Doogie2K said...

Ah, ya gotta love astroturfing. How very...Bush administration.

7/21/2006 2:39 pm  
Blogger mudcrutch79 said...

I love this site. I've submitted a line to the Fanifesto about how the Bewer fueled PP will scare the opposition. I hope they post it.

7/21/2006 2:56 pm  
Anonymous Doogie2K said...

Ooh, ooh, and post Tkachuk's, Weight's, and Guerin's numbers from 2000. I mean, they've gotta count for something, right?

7/21/2006 3:04 pm  
Anonymous Doogie2K said...

That should've read "posted". As well, I pointed out that Weight and Guerin won a couple of series together in Edmonton way back when. Those are winning values you just can't teach.

7/21/2006 3:07 pm  
Blogger Showerhead said...

Wow, that is too funny to be buried so soon. Sorry about the timing!

7/21/2006 8:28 pm  
Blogger Dennis said...

I bet Pat Laforge is kicking himself for not thinking of this first;)

7/23/2006 6:24 pm  
Blogger mudcrutch79 said...

Heh. They added my thing about Brewer making the PP awesome.

7/25/2006 10:41 am  

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