Sunday, September 24, 2006

Preseason Battle of Alberta Icetimes

Just for the helluvit. I didn't see or hear the game, but I see that Sutter had Langkow and Yelle on the roster at centre, so I'm assuming that those two played with NHL regulars for the most part and they didn't play at the same time.

A bit of a whacky game with all the penalties, there couldn't have been much flow to the benches in this one. Still, here you go, the icetime of the Oilers vs Langkow+Yelle in the game last night.

Bisaillon must've played with Hejda. And Hemsky and Torres at the bottom of the list ... I guess coaches need practice in the preseason too. :) If this policy is run in the regular season, as common sense dictates it should, then Torres is the frontrunner to lead this team in EV+/- this season. And Reasoner (who will doubtlessly step in for Sykora on D zone draws when Horcoff doesn't, bumping Petr to the port side and Torres to the bench until the puck starts heading the right direction) could be in for a rough numbers year.

Also, the icetime thing is on the sidebar and set for the game last night. It should churn out a little graphic at the top of this blog page, basically like two side-by-side strips from the shiftchart, with the location of home PPs and PKs shown on the edges. I don't think that works on the IE6 browser though. Here is a list of jersey numbers for last night's game:



Anonymous mo said...

I tried to listen to the broadcast, but it was incredibly boring. Hejda seems to be a steady, defence-first, bang-it-off-the-boards player - Steve Smith if the stars align, Ulanov if they do not. From the Super Stats, he does hit, block shots and his takeaways are positive in both of the Calgary games without any giveaways. When they were desperate to come back at the end of the game he did rush to help the offence. FWIW.

9/24/2006 12:01 pm  
Anonymous The Rage said...

I'm starting to become more and more opimistic about Hejda. He seems to be playing a lot against NHLers, and no one seems to be complaining about his play (no one is saying he's amazing either, but we don't necessarily need that on the team this year).

9/24/2006 1:58 pm  
Blogger Lowetide said...

the rage:

Agreed. I'm not concerned about getting a puck mover, they need another guy who can do the heavu lifting and make the safe play. If Hejda can slide in after Tarnqvist and before Greene on the depth chart then the Oilers are a much better hockey club.

Greene getting Semenov's minutes is a much smaller concern than him getting 3-4 minutes.

9/24/2006 2:39 pm  
Blogger Bank Shot said...

Calgary's lines:


The Langkow line and the Tanguay line might be better lines to use for benchmarks. I'm not sure any NHL coach is worried about running their worst defensive lines out against the Yelle trio.

9/24/2006 2:50 pm  
Anonymous mo said...

bank shot - I think vic had it right - on ES Yelle had 11 mins to Lombardi's 8.6. (Langkow had 9.0, Taratukhin had 7.7) Against Lombardi instead of Yelle the D table looks like:

Hejda 8.3
Bisaillon 8.0
Gilbert 4.9
Young 4.6
Syvret 4.4
Roy 3.2

(at least, I think this is how vic did it)

9/24/2006 3:17 pm  
Blogger Vic Ferrari said...

Ya, to me Hejda is the important guy at camp this year. The one to watch. Every other unknown player will likely only fill a minor role anyways, more is expected from Hejda. Getting a lot of icetime against NHL calibre players on the smaller surface is probably more important to him than other vets this preseason.

Personally, I'd like the 4th liners to be reliable and be able to kill penalties. And hopefully be able to create more than they surrender at 5on5 against generally weaker opposition. At least not be disasterous like the Oilers 4th line was in the first few weeks of last season. Thoresen fits that criterion. Probably Pouliot as well, looks like he got more ice than Almtorp last night, but Almtorp took on tougher comp, especially on the PK, where only Moreau played more of those minutes than him.

I think that both of those guys must still be in the mix, and right now I can't see what Jacques brings that Winchester doesn't. Not unless he starts winning some fights against heavyweights.

BTW: Looks like a whack of PK time for Ethan last night, and next to none for Smytty. I'm assuming that was at their own requests.

9/24/2006 5:46 pm  
Blogger Vic Ferrari said...

bank shot:

Thanks for the line-ups. I'm certain that I would not include either Lombardi or Lundmark as NHL regulars. I think that both would be in very tough to make this Oiler roster even as 4th line players. Nilsson, Yelle and Amonte may be unspectacular, but they are quality NHL players imo.

I guess a guy could just look at the icetime vs Prust, in which case Roy and Syvret lead by a mile. I doubt that either of those two will last much longer at camp.

9/24/2006 5:51 pm  
Blogger Vic Ferrari said...

Edit for above post: Almtorp was 2nd to Moreau in PK minutes vs Tanguay, lots of guys played similar or more PK minutes overall.

9/24/2006 5:52 pm  
Anonymous The Rage said...

Although this type of analysis doesn't really aply to goalies, I just have to mention Dubnyk here. Two full games and not a single ES goal allowed. I should probably not get carried away by such a small sample size, but I think he's a player to keep an eye on for sure.

9/24/2006 6:31 pm  
Blogger mudcrutch79 said...

Asia seems pretty sure that Dubnyk was close to or better than Pogge at ES in the dub. IIRC, Dubnyk was about league average in terms of save percentage.

Logically, I'd expect the shot quality difference between good and bad teams to be larger the further that you get from the NHL. The fact that he was posting average numbers behind a terrible team is nothing but good, IMO. He's looked good in camp by all accounts as well. It'd be nice to have somewhere to send him for a guaranteed 50 starts and if he has a big year, bring him up next season.

9/24/2006 9:06 pm  
Blogger Vic Ferrari said...

I don't know much about the WHL, but I still remember someone at HF providing a link to a whack of crazy stats from Dubnyk's team. All kinds of crazy stuff in there, but no even-strength shot breakdowns. Still, his team took an absurd amount of penalties and 5v4 and 5v3 PP goals. Just ridiculous.

I mean it's always better to be "checking to make sure those fabulous results on paper are really deserved" than "checking to see if the mediocre results on paper are really deserved". But sometimes they really are. Let's hope that's the case with Dubnyk.

Unfortunately goaltending is the position that really gets screwed with no AHL affiliate. He may very well have to go to the ECHL just to be certain of 50 games this season.

Though mayube the whole "Double A" theory that LT likes is for the best anyways, at least for this season. He'll be an interesting guy to follow in any case.

9/24/2006 11:21 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

He might not be Frank Brimsek but it's nice that he had a good camp and that we can at least have hope for him. in JDD's case I don't know what his Desjardins numbers were and maybe he did suck but he was a guy who seriously didn't get a fair shake given the situation that was the Oilers AHL farming process.

DD was excellent in his two games this camp so hopefully he's playing everyday somewhere.


9/26/2006 11:20 am  

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