Thursday, October 12, 2006

CI Musings...

Just a few thoughts from watching bits and pieces of the five games on Wed
night's NHL sked

Bos/Atl: If you're in a fantasy league is there any way to go wrong with
Slava Kozlov? The guy's pretty steady, he's joined at the hip with Hossa The
Good and he'll see primo time on a damn good PP. Marian's of course a damn fine player too and he'll turn just 28 in Jan. He's been super durable so far so he's
almost a lock for 500 career goals. If you're talking about a team that
could use a playoff rental or two then look no further than Dixie.
Kovalchuk's playing with Ruccin and Sim and Metroplit's pivoting Hossa and
Kozlov. Throw a good ES forward into that mix and it might push them over the thetop. Lehtonen looks to be the real deal as well. Over Boston's way I'm
sad to report that Marc Savard looks lost. He's playing with Murray and
Sturm and the latter had some fine chem with Boyes-Bergeron last season but
the former looks done. That's two B's games I've taken note of and Savard
has been dishing in both games but no one's finishing. The future of Bos's
forward lines intrigues me. I'm wondering how long they keep Kessel up with
Bergeron-Boyes. At least they had one line last year and now they've got
four forwards they defintely counting on plus they're hoping for Murray to
bounce back to 30 goal form.

Car/Fla: Why yes I am glad that the Canes are sucking out of the gate.
Thanks for asking. Before I forget this...Ladd and Hutchinson played a
combined 14:24 on Car's PP. In a related story the Canes PP finished 1/8.
From Fla's end...I still hate Gary Roberts, Bertuzzi looks like a guy with a
piano lifted off his back and are we looking at a Ewing theory deal with RL
being banished from the Sunshine State? Probably not but I'm just saying.

Phx/Det: That's a fine team the Wayner's assembled. JR's already -5 and Owen
Nolan may just as well be Owen Meaney. If you called the Yotes soft then
soft would track you down and punch you in the mouth. Nine goals by the
Wings and seven of them at ES. The game wasn't fit to watch.

Mtl/Philly: Submitted for your disapproval here are the Flyers D in this game:
Pitkanen-Hatcher-Gautier-Baumgartner-Meyer-Jones. The first two games played
over 29 and 22 min respectively and the last four ranged anywhere from 16 to
12. That's a D corps that goes anywhere from able to piss poor. Philly's
first line is a known commodity and Calder's bonafide but then you're
depending on kids like Carter-Richards and Umberger. I almost forgot to
mention Geoff Sanderson who's filling out this year's role of "Older guy
playing out the string with Philly." You may remember past participants like
Adam Oates and more recently Brian Savage. Maybe we could add Nedved to that list as well .When it comes to the Habs I honestly can't discuss them rationally. They're a team of smurfs with an unimpressive D corps who somehow manage to come up with stellar netminding and thus always overacheive.

NYI/Ana: Here are your Ducks line combos and D pairings:
Kunitz-McDonald-Selanne, Fedoruk-Getzlaf-Perry, Shannon-Marchant-Penner and
Neidermeyer-Pahlsson-Moen. Neids-Beauchemin, Pronger-O'Donnell and
O'Brien-DiPenta. Basically those two last guys have it made. They'll get the
cherry mintues and they get to live in SoCal. In looking at that lineup they
certainly have a solid group of forwards but they're depending a lot on
youth and it will depend on the serverity of the growing pains as to how
much success they have. Chris Simon has a goal and an assist for the Isles
after the end of the second period. Damn he could sure help that Flames


Blogger Black Dog Hates Skunks said...

Beauty post Dennis.

Hossa has, what, 4 goals already?

Wow, I think that Phoenix is really that bad. No surprise.

10/12/2006 1:27 pm  
Blogger ninja said...

They're a team of smurfs with an unimpressive D corps who somehow manage to come up with stellar netminding and thus always overacheive.

best line of the year thus far.

10/12/2006 1:50 pm  
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