Sunday, October 22, 2006

Rough Week to be a Hawks Fan

It was bad enough news to start the year, hearing that Ruutu was out. Havlat was red hot to start the year, and now he's out with a sprained ankle.

So, all that heading into last night's game:

Khabibulin broke a finger in the pre-game, out for an expected 2 weeks, but maybe longer.

And then Handzus blows his knee out and could be gone for the season with a torn MCL and ACL.

So all CHI has on the shelf right now is their top line and starting goalie.

Sorry hawks fans, those hockey gods are interesting guys sometimes, aren't they?


Blogger Black Dog Hates Skunks said...

Perhaps Lowe could interest them in a young forward, perhaps in exchange for a young D-man.

10/22/2006 8:18 pm  
Blogger Achtungbaby said...

Barker, Seabrook and Keith all look fine to me. Does Chicago actually care enough about their team to make a trade to fix them?

10/22/2006 10:05 pm  
Blogger Dennis-IOF said...

They do seem to be top bottom heavy in terms of having more young talent on D then they do in their forwards corp. I'd imagine Skille is aways away so outside of Bolland who else is there to look forward to?

This could be a trade that could make too much sense not to happen and the teams did pull a team last season.

10/22/2006 10:32 pm  
Blogger Vic Ferrari said...

Damn, that's some rough luck. I think that they would have been really hard pressed to stay around the .500 mark this season anyways, but this is killer for them, surely.

As others have said, at some point this season a trade of a young Oiler forward or prospect for a youngish Blackhawk Dman just makes a lot of sense.

10/23/2006 12:55 am  
Blogger PDO said...

Just an idea I've been playing around with in my head...

It's fair to assume that the Leafs are going to miss the playoffs, correct? The Leafs have an impending UFA who plays a very similar game to Raffi Torres, except he's more experienced and more consistent. Lowe has loved this guy for ages.

So, is it feasible that Lowe would send out Raffi Torres for that D, and then a prospect for Tucker?

Tucker ends up replacing Torres (and likely being more effective doing it) and we get the D.



10/23/2006 11:26 am  
Blogger Dennis-IOF said...

I don't think it's a slamdunk that TO will miss the playoffs. I used to think it was but that Conf is such a mess that anyone could make it.

if they do fall out early though maybe we could pick up Tucker for a rental and then he'd go back to To in the summer ala Recchi and Weight this past offseason. It's an MO worth persuing though because we've gotta go for it while Roli's still young and healthy enough to be able to see us through

10/23/2006 1:01 pm  
Anonymous NB Oiler Fan said...

I am a fan of the Leafs (most of you Albertan's will shudder at that) with the exception of Tucker. He is the only leaf I absolutely cannot stand... please Lowe... do not bring Tucker here. As decent a player that Tucker is ... he is one of the main reasons that Toronto gets as bad a rap as they do... whines and cries constantly he does.

On another note, there is a heck of a lot of talk about TO not picking up Sundin’s contact at the end of this season. If Toronto does fall out of playoff contention... I would love to see Lowe make a pitch for him, man that would be sweet. Deal Horcoff plus whatever else is needed.

10/24/2006 10:10 am  
Blogger Art Vandelay said...

Vandermeer appears to have worn out his welcome in CHI. Getting him would improve the Oilers D and add grit. Dump the Norwegian while people still think he's good.

10/27/2006 1:46 am  

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