Monday, November 27, 2006

What the Worst Thing that will Happen to Pronger Tomorrow?

Here are some possibilities, feel free to add your own speculation (these options are not necessarily mutually exclusive):

(A) He'll be booed, mercilessly, and just laugh it off

(B) The Ducks lose

(C) He'll be booed, mercilessly, and cry in the corner

(D) Healthy scratch, because he doens't want the pressure

(E) Punched by a fan on the way into the arena

(F) Punched by a fan on the way out of the arena

(G) A beer hits him in the head, at some point

(H) He'll be booed, mercilessly, and respond with a Michael Richards-esque rant (not necessarily racial) in an interview with Gene Principe.


Blogger mudcrutch79 said...

Stabbed and/or burned to the ground like a phone booth?

God I love how white trash Edmonton was during the playoffs.

11/27/2006 6:22 pm  
Blogger Black Dog said...

Kidnapped, hamstrung and released 200 miles away to be eaten by wild animals?

11/27/2006 7:02 pm  
Blogger Lowetide said...

Pronger gets through the night fine but is beaten senseless by Gene Principe after the unassuming reporter snaps upon hearing Pronger say "at the end of the day" one too many damn times.

11/27/2006 7:49 pm  
Blogger Scarlett said...

Lowetide, I could live with that.

11/27/2006 8:29 pm  
Blogger Vic Ferrari said...

I am hoping for the worst, chants of "asshole" would be my dream scenario. :) But honestly I think that he'll take it in stride, hearing the boos every time he touched the puck never seemed to bother him in the San Jose series last playoffs.

I liked Pronger. Like Ethan Moreau in his cold, rational view of the game. I remember early in the preseason last year, he was still finding his legs and heard the boobirds from the Rexall faithful. An interviewer asked him about it after the game and he said "hmmf, fans are fickle", but there was a tone of "I know, and it's just the freakin' preseason, isn't that cool?". :D I think this is a guy who was a natural fit for this market.

I like the way that he was as unflappable as mudcrutch during the October losing skid as well. And his comments on why the Oilers were losing the special teams battle to Carolina were terrific (I meant to add them to Grabia's epic Oilers-PP-in-the-finals thread as well, but never could find the business end of that beast). In a nutshell, Pronger was "meh, they're getting the bounces" about it, which is probably mostly true, though CAR did have a shitload of guys who could move the puck on the PP, they deserved more bounces IMO. Still, he rolled off examples in this style ... "and then in the second game, Pisani is in the lane but Whitney's pass deflects off Fernie's skate and goes right to Staal". That sort of thing just warms my heart.

Mostly, I hope Hemsky fakes inside and beats him wide and crashes the net. That Smyth goes through him off the wall with the puck, like a snake thrown against a picket fence, and scores. And that Torres smokes into him twice, and the third time when Pronger leaves the puck and turns around in "oops, I would have had my elbow down if I knew you were crashing in" fashion ... that's the time Torres goes for the puck instead. And he scores on a deflection off of Pahlsson.

Is that too much to ask?

11/27/2006 9:55 pm  
Blogger mudcrutch79 said...

Vic, I couldn't agree more about him and the market - the shame of the whole thing really is that he was a fantastic fit for Edmonton. I'll never be convinced of anything other than he liked it here and his wife didn't. That's life. Hopefully the next Sidney Crosby plays for the Oil Kings and falls in love with a local girl.

I'm suspicious myself that the whole thing might be getting to him. I don't know if you saw the press conference but he seemed a little uptight today.

11/27/2006 10:46 pm  
Blogger Doogie said...

What about (I) Punched by a fan inside the arena?

Of course, the odds of anything beyond a bit of tasteless chanting would be almost nil, but I have to say, the possibility of an O'Reilly-at-MSG type of scenario playing out and getting Pronger suspended for the rest of the year secretly tantalizes me. I'd "settle" for Pronger getting deked out of his pants by Sykora on the game-winner.

11/27/2006 10:47 pm  
Blogger Dennis-IOF said...

It's months later and I still don't want to think. You can believe that he liked it here and his wife didn't but where the fuck did she think she was agreeing to live??? That's what kills me about it all. Pronger signs for five years and it looks like a marriage made in heaven and then bam he wants out. Either he's bi-polar or he did a terrible job of reading his wife.

I thought he fit great here as well and we certainly miss him and I'm not enamoured with what Lowe got for him in the deal either. Plus the fact he's in the West and we're all reminded about him on a semi-regular basis.

I hope you're right that he's looking a bit choked though Ty because hardly anything fazes this guy.

And I don't know what I'm hoping for tomorrow night...probably hoping we don't get embarrassed given the six D we're going to ice. Anyone else remember the Ducks tearing a strip off the Dys in Van earlier in the season when they had a depleted backend?

11/27/2006 11:51 pm  
Blogger Puck Engineer said...

Someone should hand him a whip as a present.

11/28/2006 9:10 am  
Blogger Earl Sleek said...

And he scores on a deflection off of Pahlsson.

Hey now. No need to make this personal!

11/28/2006 10:32 am  
Blogger Black Dog said...

Don't you mean Pahlssonal, Earl?

11/28/2006 2:55 pm  
Blogger Earl Sleek said...

Don't you mean Pahlssonal, Earl?

Damn. Someone just walked by my office and asked why I was laughing, but what could I say? There's no explaining the brilliance of that comment to an L.A. resident.

11/28/2006 3:40 pm  
Blogger Vic Ferrari said...

Dennis: I think that Peca crumpled under the pressure. He was stupid enough to read the papers and listen to sports radio, and he reasted to it, anmd his true nature was revealed ... then it got bad. I still think it might have been a different year for Peca if he was earning $1.5 M instead. But he wasn't.

Late in the year Lowe said that the burden of the $4M salary was too heavy for the guy, that he struggled to play under the pressure in Canada. He said that the same thing happened to Messier, that Mess had never heard or read his salary being mentioned once the whole time that he was in New York, but in Vancouver it was thrown in his face constantly and it weighed on him.

Peca and Messier are clearly that sort of personality. Pronger isn't, he's a different beast, nothing seems to faze that fucker. Helluva player too. But whatver, shit happens.

11/30/2006 4:18 pm  

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