Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Joffrey Lupul: He hasn't dropped off the key yet but's already mentally checked out

Twas an interesting day on the Lupul newsfront, was it not? The Oilers just aren't scoring the number of goals that was basically predicted for them by everyone and someone's gotta take the brunt. I'm not being a Lupuloligist or anything but year by year it becomes more apparent that Hemsky will be hard pressed to ever score 30 goals, Horcoff couldn't throw the puck in Paris Hilton and guys like Pisani and Torres are struggling with newfound expectations.

Of course hold on to anyone who thinks I've found religon and the EIG. I'm going somewhere here and it's a land where people who aren't scoring goals get cut some slack as long as their working their asses off, coming up no worst than even in the +/- dept and/or filling lesser roles while taking home lesser pay.

Unforunately for Lupul he can use neither of those situations as a safehouse and the boobirds may be coming home to roost.

Dan Barnes weighed in today and here's the link.

To his credit, Barnes isn't soft on him and he actually approaches damning. It makes me feel good to read reporting and opinions like that and I should also mention that Barnes' work is approaching bi-polarity these days. About a week ago he wrote a piece that didn't seem to draw much interest around the blogs but it was basically a shot at the EIG just in case they're expecting a new building to be erected without them throwing in some of their considertable wealth. I was impressed given that the Journal owns a stake in the team. Then a few days later he writes about a piece about the Oilers defense, and Bergeron in general, where he states he'd take MAB over Joni Pitkanen. That was bizarre to say the absolute least. And by bizarre I mean uninformed and jaw droppingly stupid.

Now today he's back to the good Barnes where he's certainly doing less than castigating the young Mr. Lupul but he's also far from letting him off the hook and he's also throwing out a suggestion of how he can avoid being the latest young to be eaten by the constantly starting Oilers fanbase.

On the other side of town you have Robin Brownlee who's already in the IOF badbooks for a disgusting piece of local boy schillery that ran a little over a week ago. And it's the Brownlee piece that really interests me because I think it gives us the latest quote to just how unprepared Lupul was/and is when it comes to playing in Edmonton.


And the quote:

"It's harder to take your mind off it here," Lupul said.

"In Anaheim, you could go do a hundred other things and no one would bother you.

"Here, you go sit at home all day. Nor do I want to see a lot of people, especially friends and family right now. It's not a great time.

"On the other hand, it's a long season. It's only 30 games (32 played so far).

"Hopefully, I can turn it around."

There you go, 32 scant games into his Oilers career and the 23 year's old already learning how to be a hermit.

That's OK though.

We could always use another Jeff Woywitka


Blogger Slipper said...

I just watched That's Hockey, and they had a little segment about little Lupul being "moved onto" a line with Reasoner and Peterson. The amusing part was the little sound bite of a dejected Joffrey saying how both were good passers. The next quip was Toby Peterson with a by-line that read "3 assists in 22 games".

After the Oilers put up a goose egg against CBJ at home there was an Lupul post-game interview where I swore the dude was on the verge of tears. He said that he was really looking forward to getting out of town for a bit, even though it was for a one gamer in Vancouver. He scored in that game and was all smiles afterwards but repeated the previously stated sentiments, that it was good to get out of the fish bowl.

At the time I thought maybe it was me reading too far into things, being a person who's generally pissed about all things Pronger. I'm not so sure now. I think the writing is one the wall.

12/19/2006 5:47 pm  

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