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Kings/Oilers: You win Kevin, you win

I doubt we'll ever know what the plan was heading into the '07 season but someone somewhere had to know the folly of entering the season with a depth chart of these top seven dmen: Smith-Staios-Tarnqvist-Smid-Greene-Bergeron-Hejda. And when you look at that and know that the Oilers considered Smid a #4 dman then you know that not only were the Oilers forwards being counted on to drive the bus, they were also being counted on to build it.

So by the time the season started and this was the group that was to patrol the blueline, all the while with the EIG five friggin' million under the cap, a few things were pretty easy to see:

1. Lowe had made all the wrong moves regarding roster construction, ie you had a ready to win forwards corps that could be propped up by great netminding but there also existed the possibility of it being torn down by a close to terrible group on the backend. But at least his heart was in the right place even though his brain was in his ass if he thought Smid was a number 4 dman in the NHL.
2. Lowe's hands had been tied by a positively parsimonious EIG, at least comparitive to the money they made during the long playoff run, and the season's hopes were dashed the day he essentially brought in Smid for Pronger without resigning Spacek or entering into the UFA pool to pull out a Mckee or Gill.
3. Lowe, maybe in conjunction with the EIG and maybe not, decided to spend just enough money as to not arouse real rebuilding suspicions among the fans, after all they wanted to increase the cost of your tickets, and in the meantime it really didn't bother him if the team missed the playoffs and the real tell would be in his lack of urgency to address the holes on the blueline.

Now did I just make things up to accompany an upcoming point? Yes I did. But don't those possibilities look at least somewhat accurate? I'd like to think so.

Admittedly, it's a hard road to hoe with two of your top four dmen missing, and that's been the case for quite awhile now with both Staios and Tjarnqvist on the IR and it's even harder to withstand when you've got a 20 year old as your No. 4. In the interm though Lowe's let a tonne of grass grow under his feet while the team's floundered and every day that goes by without him picking up a dman is a day that makes it appear as if Lowe's about to embark, or has already embarked, on yet another one of his 27 year plans;)

Well, after last night's effort, not loss mind you but effort or lackthereof, Lowe's passive aggressive approach to addressing or not addressing painfully obvious needs has won me over. I'm sick of the way things are going and while I'm not in the "cheer against your team so they'll get a great draft choice" phase, and that's primarily because there's no obvious superstar in the '07 group, it probably wouldn't hurt for the Oilers to lose their next two games against the visiting Kings and Jackets and in those losses perhaps everyone could be convinced that we need to restock and that's what Lowe's probably wanted to do all along.


Blogger PDO said...


Am I naive, stupid or just a blind optimist to think that the Oilers pull out a massive (say.. 5-0) win tonight and use it as a rallying point while we wait for the cavalry?

Staios is in and Roy is out, Petersen is in and Nedved is out, lines are;




I'd like to see 19 and 20 switch spots there..

But can someone tell me why on earth Roli is in tonight? How is it not Jussi? LA is playing Sean freaing Burke.

Apparently Stortini got the call as well. Maybe he slides in somehow and beats the hell out of someone?

1/27/2007 4:39 pm  
Blogger Andy Grabia said...

It would be nice if we had people in this town who could ask questions like this to Lowe. I heard they have them in other towns. Apparently they are called journalists.

Why the hell is Roli in? Are they trying to permanently injure him, and do a Mogilny on his contract?

1/27/2007 6:00 pm  
Blogger Black Dog said...

Maybe Stortini is coming in to beat up Roli?

Sad thing is Dennis, look at the Sharks lineup from last night. Riddled with kids. Rookies and second year players up front and on the back end and doing a great job, might I add.

I like Lowe and the Oilers' drafting has come a long way but when I look at what the Sharks have coming up it makes me want to cry.

1/27/2007 6:28 pm  
Blogger trader said...

You wanted Lowe to outbid Toronto for Hal Gill 3yrs@6.25M? Really?

1/27/2007 7:09 pm  
Blogger Mr DeBakey said...

Not TO for Hal Gill
How about Pittsburg for Mark Eaton at $1.6 for two

1/27/2007 8:59 pm  
Blogger Andy Grabia said...

Jussi looks good tonight.

1/27/2007 9:32 pm  
Blogger MikeP said...

"Admittedly, it's a hard road to hoe"

Man, if Lowe is hoeing roads instead of rows, no wonder the team is flailing.

1/28/2007 10:22 am  
Blogger Dennis-IOF said...

Debakey...get some new material...and a new name:)

And yes Gill is worth that money

1/29/2007 3:04 pm  

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