Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Oilers/Sharks: C'mon Everybody, Let's Go Streaking!!!

I don't know if San Jose is aware of this but the Oilers enter tonight's game white hot! I'm talking Marissa's underage sister on "The OC" hot here people. The Oilers have two wins and six points in their last four games so I'm sure they'll smoke Thornton and Co. tonight;)

You may think I'm being a little harsh but this club pretty much lost me after last Thursday's debacle against the Stars. It seemed like just about everyone else was marvelling at 83's desperation trying marker while I was chewing nails over the fact the Oilers blew a 4-1 lead on home ice with a team that wouldn't win a skills competition against some AHL clubs. It was at that time that I said the Oilers really wouldn't be worth investing any faith in until they at least reached the less than lofty five games over .500 heights. Monday's win in LA puts them at two games over this mark but their last six games read at SJ, vs Min, at Cgy, at Min, vs Ana and then Cgy, so it's daunting to say the least. The chances of this team earning any real capital with me in the near future don't exactly look promising.

You know sometimes I wonder if last spring really happened;) I know that, yes, it did because people other than me talk about the Oilers long playoff run:) But that team was laden with vets and hardly ever plagued with poor decision making and we all hoped that '07 could finally be the year when the Oilers didn't have to blow their brains out down the stretch just to qualify for the second season. Last year the needs were easily indentifiable and this team struggled at home but they were bastards to play against on the road so at least we had that going for us. But here we are 42 games into the NHL's newest year and the Oilers haven't been able to seperate themselves from anyone and they've lost home games to the Jackets and Kings and they've lost home games where they've scored five and six goals. I'm looking for something to cling to or in believe in but I haven't found it yet.

Yes, there was some good news on the "we're trying to kick conventional wisdom in the nuts and win while playing two rookie dmen" front with the injury to Smid and the benching of Greene but even that's sullied today in the wake of the news that one of Shaggy's many maladies are acting up again and therefore rookie Tom Gilbert is about to make his big league debut in a game where if Ron Wilson has his way he'll either face Joe Thornton or Patrick Marleau.

So even when the Oilers try and do the right thing it gets snookered a little by injury.

Which leads me to this: Smith-Staios-Hedja-Bergeron-Roy-Gilbert. Realizing that's the six guys the Oilers will employ on their blueline tonight makes me wish I could trade my entire fantasy team for just Thornton and Marleau alone.

Maybe I've lost the ability to even recognize the overall positives when there are some actual overall positives but I didn't even get a charge out of the Oilers win on Monday night. They started the game well but the Kings came back with a flourish to end the first period and after a second period that saw the Oilers dominate, the Kings came back with a fury in the third and it was only for Roloson that they didn't lose yet another game on the road.

Speaking of Roloson, him and the Oilers PP carry the best hopes for a point tonight. After an elongated period of mediocre play, Roloson has now played well in three of his last four starts and hey that's a start. And the PP of late has looked to be a threat on about 75% of their chances and that's even with Bergeron on the unit.

I usually don't make score predictions for games but I'll call this one 4-2 for the Sharks but with Roli making at least five outstanding saves. You look at that Oilers defense and there's just too many guys to hide and you look at the Sharks forwards and there's many to try and avoid. I know that SJ's offensive success is predicated on it's PP but my prediction goes that if the Sharks can't score on the Oilers at ES then the absolute worse they'll do is just make some of the kids take penalties and then they'll earn their paper on the PP.

Then again the Oilers are hot;) so maybe they lose 4-3 in OT and manage to keep the streak alive!!


Blogger SweatyO said...


Sounded like, to me at least, on the radio this morning that Roy would draw out tonight and Greene would be back in.

So that's a little bit better. But still, anytime MAB is pushed into the top four, you know there's trouble a brewin'.

Another wrinkle in this whole thing I proposed about MacT putting Roy out in OT on Friday to preserve a point: I'm wondering if MacT is playing Roy and (now) Gilbert to try and pimp some of these young Oiler defensemen and convince other GM's that taking one of those two, Syvret or Chorney (the latter two having some notoreity due to WJC performances) instead of Smid or Greene in a big move for a top-end defenseman. Something to think about at the very least.

I'm strangely optimistic about tonight because I think Roloson might be in the Sharks heads just a little bit. Just as much as I am pessimistic now that I've heard Minnesota has lost 11 straight on the road and they're coming to Rexall on Friday night (that, to me, is pretty much the kiss of death for the Oilers).

I said 3-1 this week. So far, 1-0.

1/10/2007 1:48 pm  
Blogger SweatyO said...

Oh shit:

This could go from bad to worse.


Holy fucking shit is that scary to think about. Staios better be good to go tonight, or the Oilers are FUCKED.

1/10/2007 1:51 pm  
Blogger PDO said...

Great Sweatyo, now I can go cry myself to sleep.

Here's what this game will come down to, plain and simple...

Penalties. Because San Jose can't score worth two shits at ES this year, with just 63 goals...

That puts them in 24th and behind PHILLY.

Stay out of the box and this is the Oilers game to win, even with the shitshow on defense.

1/10/2007 2:49 pm  
Blogger namflashback said...

If Staios is out, the only way they win this game is if Roli is indeed in the Sharks head, and Raffi gets into a few more heads.

It's going to be madness out there. Let's hope Roy and Gilbert are real gamers and have out-of-body experiences tonight.

I also hope Jan Hejda and Jason Smith like playing 30 minutes a night.

1/10/2007 2:50 pm  
Blogger dynastydays said...

Tonight's game is going to be messy. We will struggle against SJ's cycle. They are a great puck possession team. We are putrid in that respect. Roli will have the puck in his end most of the game, and SJ will draw probably double the penalties as we do... especially if Greene draws in.

The ONLY way we win this one is if Roloson has a brilliant game, the powerplay goes 3 for 5 and the penalty kill goes 8 for 9.

Not likely.

5-2 Sharks win tonight ladies and gents.

1/10/2007 2:59 pm  
Blogger SweatyO said...


According to Stauffer on 1260, Staios has the flu and is unlikely to go.

Enter the nightmare folks...Smith/Hejda probably play near 30 mintues each tonight.

Welcome to the NHL Jan.

1/10/2007 4:23 pm  
Blogger PDO said...


I'm setting the over under at Smith, Bergeron and Hejda at 85.5 minutes and taking the over.

Right now I see two possible outcomes in this game.

#1) 6-1 Sharks. They score early and they score often, while Oiler fans are left to reminisce about the days of Crossanov.

#2) 5-3 Oilers. Roloson gets confused and think it's Round 1 against Detroit and the PP clicks.

1/10/2007 4:27 pm  
Blogger PDO said...


One shred of good news.

Milan Michalek is questionable tonight.

1/10/2007 4:30 pm  
Blogger SweatyO said...


Ever heard of the Philly flu that players used to get before playing the Flyers in the mid-70's?

Michalek might have a case off Raff-flu.

1/10/2007 5:22 pm  
Blogger PDO said...

The Raff-Flu eh?

I like it. Here's hoping he can lay a few more hits similar to Michalek, Weight and Williams and it spreads quickly.

$7 Proline tonight: Pitts, Pitts/Fla Over, Chicago, St. Louis, Edm, Edm/SJ Over.

Pays very nicely, as you could imagine, at almost $1350 ;]

1/10/2007 5:31 pm  
Blogger Dennis-IOF said...

I forgot this was a PPV contest. Morley and Rob Brown doing the call but everytime the Oilers have a PPV I always get giddy thinking that maybe they'll break out that clip of Barrie Stafford dancing from the '90 Cup celebrations.

Tonight would be a good time to inject such levity;)

1/10/2007 8:39 pm  
Blogger Dennis-IOF said...

Some good signs here early on:

- Oilers PP clicks right off the bat and then almost scores again and we knew we needed that.

- Roli's calm minding the shop

- Joe T has a puck in the crease and a yawning cage and he can't cash.

1/10/2007 8:58 pm  
Blogger PDO said...


That was a disgusting save by ROloson there as well. He didn't give up on the play, and everything that hits him disapears.


This is amazing.

1/10/2007 9:00 pm  
Blogger PDO said...


I love this team.

1/10/2007 9:02 pm  
Blogger dynastydays said...

I remember the game against the Canes, it may have been the turnaround game for Jarret Stoll. ANyhow in that game, i remember one of the coachin staff mentioning that Stoll wanted to be on the ice everytime Staal was on there. He evidently was challenging himself to get under Eric's skin and play a shutdown role...

If jarrets best games of the year are against the nhl's superstars, that bodes well for the Oilers.

Jumbo Joe isnt a fan of #16 tonight.

PPV intermission... Woah was that kid on drugs?

1/10/2007 9:28 pm  
Blogger dynastydays said...

ES shot count... SJ 19 EDM 3

no suprise there. the stars aligned tonight, lets enjoy it while we can.

1/10/2007 10:14 pm  
Blogger PDO said...

Is it just me or does Reddox look like a skinny Torres?

Dubnyk has a massive chin. I'm talking Jay Leno chin.

We're 20 minutes away from stealing 2 from San Jose. How many teams have owned us in the past like this?

Man it's nice to be on the other end of it.

1/10/2007 10:24 pm  
Blogger Dennis-IOF said...

Well it's nice that he's readying himself for that role because he has to be Peca come '07. Last year Horc-Peca carried the mail and Stoll got to enjoy the soft min with Hemsky and Sammy and he did little with them. Well actually he did pretty much nothing.

So I was ready to carve him this year if he didn't pick up the slack but he certainly has and centre is now a position of strenght for the Oil.

1/10/2007 10:24 pm  
Blogger Steven said...

Completely off topic since I'm mostly listening to the game while cleaning, but man I can't believe Marissa sister on The OC is only 15. Makes me feel dirty everytime I watch the damn show, yet I can't stop watching.

Hopefully the Oilers pull it out tonight. God knows they could use a win they didn't deserve.

1/10/2007 10:27 pm  
Blogger Scarlett said...

Geee, Oilers are getting all the penalties now. That's what you get when you get eight powerplays in a row.

1/10/2007 10:31 pm  
Blogger SweatyO said...

Unbelievable. PP clicks. Roloson has a big night. Patchwork defense does the job.

The Oilers have the Sharks number. That's six wins in a row against them, counting the four games last May.

Un-friggin-believable. This is the kind of win that can turn the season around for the good.

1/10/2007 11:01 pm  
Blogger dynastydays said...

Powerplay needed to be great. Check.
Penalty Kill needed to be good. Check.
Roloson needed to be brilliant. Double Check.

Edmontons best period was likely the 3rd, the hockey gods were smiling upon us tonight. (for a change)

my 3 stars:
1) Roloson
2) Jarret Stoll
3) Ales Hemsky

1/10/2007 11:05 pm  
Blogger Scarlett said...

Nice to see the powerplay looking great. I haven't seen it look that good all year.

1/10/2007 11:07 pm  
Blogger Dennis-IOF said...

Well if it makes you feel any better...I believe she's 16 now;)

Anyway, you can still look at Taylor and not have to feel bad. When she wears those pigtails I just want to marry her. Of course I'd divorce her months later but it would be a fine few months;)

Oh yeah and the Oilers!!!;):D

Roli was awesome and that's four out of five games now where he's been very good to great. That's obviously great to see because things aren't gonna get a whole lot easier for him until both 24 and 29 return. And even then it's not gonna be all that greatbut if Hedja keeps playing like this it certainly steadies our front 4. And someone posted today that the PP's been going for awhile now and the deal currently is if they set up on you tehy get a wicked scoring chance which is how we imagined things all preseason long.

Some other things:

- Gilbert knows when to step up and he's got a nice touch. Of course we've got a tonne of guys who can't ascend past the 5-6 holes so he's unlikely to help us anytime soon.

- 71's ESTOI keeps going down and down and he's not playing with any zest whatsoever. And 93 was taking some wicked long shifts tonight and I hope his rope's beginning to burn. And I couldn't believe the move 83 tried to pull in the o zone with both 94 and 10 below him. It was an odd man rush waiting to happen. Gross

1/10/2007 11:23 pm  
Blogger Steven said...

It sort of does. 16 is that bad right? Sheesh I don't why they showed her in a swimsuit too a few weeks ago.
Haha I actually really happen to like Taylor now. She was just annoying at first but she's really grown on me and she's my fav female on the show. :)

In any case back to the Oilers, I just took a gander at the stats and watched the replays of the goals. How many times do they do that one-timer on the powerplay? It's unbelievable to me that even works anymore and they really need to draw up something down low in case that's taken away like it was in the Cup Final last year.

For anyone who actually watched the game how did Gilbert and Roy look today? I'm sorta half glad I didn't get to watch the game or I might have been screaming all night at those guys if they were making tons of mistakes. I did hear the icings that happen like 3 times in a row but I think that was Bergeron?

Big win for the boys, and hopefully they'll keep rolling and Lowe will make a trade for some cavalry.

1/11/2007 1:23 am  

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