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Wild/Oilers: The all too resistable force meets the as of late very moveable object

As you can see, Cam has provided me with with a picture of Gorilla Monsoon and I'd wager that if you're between the ages of 27-32, seeing the big man brings back a lot of old wrestling memories. The first time I ever heard the phrase "the irrestible force meats the immovable object" I'm pretty sure it came from the lips of the former Mr. Marella. Come to think of it that could also apply to a few other things. For instance, I knew the words Pearl Harbour in reference to sneak attacking someone long before I knew it's historical significance.

In an any case I think this old Gorilla chestnut rings true on an evening where a terrible road team is visiting a side that's all of a sudden forgotten how to win at home.

The Wild were in Vancouver last night and thankfully ended the Canucks streak of luck and winning, ie of the Dys seven consecutive wins, you had two in OT, two more in SO plus another one goal victory to boot. Teams never keep winning like that. But before last night it's important to remember that it had been 12 games since Minnesota last enjoyed a way away from their home rink. Yes they were missing Gaborik and he's no doubt a big piece of their puzzle but that's a long time to suck on the road.

Note: In watching the Wild/Canucks game last night I came to this conclusion. The Wild with Gaborik is like watching The Munsters when Marilyn's in the scene. Yes there's a whole lot of ugly around but it's worth checking out because you might see something nice. Take Marian out of the Minny equation though and it's like a whole episode of scenes between Herman and Grandpa. Yeah no one stopped watching The Munsters because the actors makeup was too ugly but on the other hand I did get you to thinking about Marilyn and now you're looking for pics of her when she was young and super hot. And just know that I was there before you were;) BTW, RIP to Lily

So, back to the real story and even though Minny broke their slump last night, normally you wouldn't be too worried about facing them in your own barn. That is of course unless you were the Oilers and you were 3-5-2 in your last 10 games at Rexall and were giving up goals like Janet Jones gave up great movie roles in the '80's, 90's and I guess the '00's. Wait, that analogy doesn't really work now does it?;)

Of course it hasn't always been like this for the '07 Oilers because they started out 8-2 and with a +16 GD, 39 GF and 23 GA. The offense was in full effect and Roloson was about as impenatrable as the liquor cabinet of your local RCMP officer when his son threw parties while his folks were away for the weekend.

Times have changed though and while the Oilers are still scoring goals at home, hell even a guy like Lupul who's an absolute plus/minus sinkhole on the road, ie -15 in 23 games, is a somewhat respectable +1 in the friendly confines, overall things have gone downhill. Note: it's probably not fair to sinkholes to compare them to Lupul's road production. So just remember that if you happen to meet up with a sinkhole and you guys start talking hockey.

On the overall tip, Dwayne Roloson has played well in his last three starts and in four out of five by my eye and we all know how important that is. A big part of the Oilers recent home woes was the Simcoe, Ontario native looking a little bit sieveish and particularily in the two losses to the Avs. If his play is all of a sudden raceing back to speed then there's a lot of reasons to like the Oilers chances tonight.

In the meantime and in between time, yes I know that's an Ed Whalen thing but sometimes you want to make Flames fans feel comfortable, ie always keep your friends around you close, but your enemies..;), it would be easy to focus on the Oilers modest two game winning streak and the fact they've put up eight points in their last five games and thus we couldd consider tonight's matchup as a chance to regain the home mojo. But then I think back to the Wild's '06 reign of terror against the Oil and all I can remember are things like the prematurely bald Pierre Marc Bouchard, ie it's so bad that it even makes Alex Auld chuckle, and how he scored 12 points in those eight divisional matchups.

I want to believe in the Oilers but right now they're just making it super hard to do so. I said I'd regain some faith if they hit the 5 games over .500 mark and a win tonight would move them four games over with tomorrow night's BOA showdown finishing up HNIC's HDIC.

I have a feeling the Oilers are DOA come tomorrow night but for now we'll focus on the Wild.

Though tomorrow night's game should be a ring a ding dong dandy!!

Ok, I'll stop now.


Blogger PDO said...

Tonight is a game that I figure they just can't lose...

Minnesota played last night in Vancouver and sucks on the road. You have to win this game plain and simple... no excuses.

Any word on Staios/Shaggy tonight?

1/12/2007 4:05 pm  
Blogger SweatyO said...

No Shaggy or Staios, but apparently Smid in for Gilbert.

And with that, Dennis' head explodes....

1/12/2007 4:21 pm  
Blogger namflashback said...

Well, Smid-Greene is probably still marginally better than Gilbert-Greene as your second pair.

Alot went right for the Oilers to peg the win versus SJ. I think they have a fair shot at the Wild, given a) the relatively good things we've seen from the forward lines, b) the power play is getting some, c) the PK seems to be working again, d) Roli is rolling.

I think alot will have to go right for the Oilers to win IN Calgary, and I want them to, but if they HAVE to drop a game in this stretch before the all-star game -- I vote for Saturday night's tilt.


1/12/2007 4:38 pm  
Blogger PDO said...


I'm just praying Shaggy and Staios are back tomorrow night and Iginla is still on the shelf. If we're losing games.. I don't want them to be against anyone in the division.

If that happens and we beat Calgary in regulation - watch out =D.

A win tonight and a win tomorrow night and the Oilers are in first place in the division once again.

1/12/2007 4:43 pm  
Blogger namflashback said...

pdo, oh definitely. I dream of them running the table in these 4 divisional games. I really want them to. Particularly the two versus the Flames.

1/12/2007 4:53 pm  
Blogger She said...

TSN just did a feature about Matt Greene's car theft/ passport loss story... and mentioned that he's a healthy scratch tonight. Hmmm....Gilbert-Smid, anyone?

1/12/2007 5:43 pm  
Blogger Dennis-IOF said...

Man oh mn, hard to imagine playing a period better than that. Sure the Oilers once again looked like dummies when the Wild set up behind the net but Min had two scoring chances at the absolute most.

At the other end the Oilers had at least six or seven great opps but they were finishing like a team of Radek Dvorak's. I really can't fault anything about that period other than the finish.

And I don't know if Smid re-injured his shoulder or what so maybe he's the latest guy the Oilers brought back too early. Or maybe he just has bad luck or something.

Anyway, it could be a tough break for Ladislav Lidstrom;) Oh he's back...the Norris Trophy awaits:D

1/12/2007 8:02 pm  
Blogger Dennis-IOF said...

Yes, BTW, I DO think it's a great idea to play Smid and Greene together;) Not much Roli could do on Marilyn Munster's goal and he made a great intial save but he can't let that rebound out on the Rolston goal. Of course MacT can't play 2 and 5 together either but we're down two men and Smid's the second coming so what are you gonna do;)

It's fucking frustaring that we've outchanced them to such a degree but Fernandez has been wicked

1/12/2007 8:27 pm  
Blogger Dennis-IOF said...

Over on LT's site we're talking about about MAP and how many chances he'll get and just how far away he is, or even if at all. There were some discussions that maybe he should;ve gotten that soft min role between 71-83 but then you see the corpse of Nedved picking up another assist, and it was actually a nice pass and to the credit of the 93 line tonight, they're really outchancing the the opp, and you wonder how far away pouliot is from being able to do that.

And t would be easy to say you hope the Oilers settle down and get back to playing well in the third but when you look at the D then it's hard to imagine they will get back to playing well.

BTW, did the Oilers send down Petersen today or did they put one of their dmen on IR? Right now, at least by my count, they have 13 forwards, 9 D and of course two netminders.

I checked the official site but I didn't see any announcements.

1/12/2007 8:58 pm  
Blogger Dennis-IOF said...

Hard to describe just how disgusting this loss is.

Oilers are now 3-6-2 in their last 11 games at Rexall.

So no we suck at home as well.

Oilers had a tonne of chances tonight and you've got to get at least three goals out of all that.

And roli was not sharp tonight

1/12/2007 9:38 pm  
Blogger Andy Grabia said...

And roli was not sharp tonight

Agreed. Good, but not great. I'm convinced he quits on his team. If something doesn't go his way, he just shuts down. As soon as he got crashed on that Smid play, I knew we were losing.

My God Brophy is an idiot. I'd actually rather listen to Domi.

1/12/2007 9:46 pm  
Blogger SweatyO said...

Grabia: What sort of bullshit was Brophy spewing tonight?

This one fucking pisses me off. We should have won this one. Roloson let out a stinky rebound on the 2nd goal and get an ugly deflection on the winner, and that's all she wrote.

Horcoff could have had a fucking hattrick before the Wild scored their FIRST goal. And the Oilers may actually have outchanced the Wild during the time the Wild were on the PP. Hell, they outchanced the Wild all night. Tonight wasn't a case of not generating chances. Fernandez was on fire, gotta give credit there.

I was counting on 5-2 in the last seven games before the All-Star break. Tonight should have been a win, which means they need to steal one of these next two road games (I'm banking on beating those assholes from Anaheim on Wednesday and am assuming a home-and-home split with Calgary, with the home teams holding serve).

Oh, and Bergeron played 5/6ths of a really good game tonight, but he was awful in the last 10 minutes in the 2nd period. As opposed to Greene who was a combination of bad/unlucky tonight.

Another blown two killer instinct. This is why I hated MacT as a coach outright up until the playoffs last year. His teams have ZERO killer instinct.

Fucking Minnesota....and now some mouth-breather calling in to 1260 and suggesting to trade Horcoff, followed up by some retard suggesting we trade Pisani. People are so damn stupid.

1/12/2007 10:05 pm  
Blogger SweatyO said...

Oh, here's a good one:

Oilers 0-5-1 in their last six divisional games. Their divisional and home records both started out hot-shit, but have absolutely gone off the rails in the last four weeks.


1/12/2007 10:17 pm  
Blogger Andy Grabia said...

What sort of bullshit was Brophy spewing tonight?

I blacked out.

1/12/2007 10:43 pm  
Blogger Dano said...


It's been a long time since this team has had killer instinct. Further back then MacTavish's tenure anyway and going back to Ron Lowe's coaching days. And no, I'm not particurly fond of MacTavish as a coach. They react to the opposition rather than initiate more often than not and underachieve for long stretches at a time. Long streatches where they don't start playing until the opposition scores the first goal or two and then the urgency sets in. It's driven me crazy.


1/14/2007 12:26 pm  

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