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Oilers/ Wings thread

Oilers get the win in the shootout. A guy hates to get hope and then have it crash away. This reeks of EDM coming close enough before the deadline to not sell, and then missing the playoffs anyways and getting nothing for their pending UFA's while drafting 14th. Blech. Well, we'll see I guess, I mean, if SJ beats CAL tomorrow and EDM beats MIN on Sun in reg that would leave EDM 3 pts behind CAL (CAL having a GIH vs. PHX MON night) and 6 behind MIN (with EDM holding the GIH). I don't think the Oilers would sell in that position. Of course, if MIN beats EDM on Sun in reg and CAL wins both games before the deadline EDM would be 9 pts back of both after MON night's games, the day before the deadline, and in that position I would suspect EDM would be sellers (undoubtedly not the same extent as if I were the GM, but they'd move a couple pending UFA's I would imagine).

Oops, forgot the Oilers had Sykora, lol. I'd have gone Smyth, Sykora, and Pouliot.

Pretty entertaining OT, for my 3 shooters I think I'd pick Smyth, Thoresen, and Pouliot, mainly because I'm getting sick of seeing Hemsky go in, shoot, and miss. If I decided to put Hemsky in I'd be taking Thoresen out.

I agree with that non-call, both players were jostling for the puck and Hemsky simply lost his balance.

Heading to OT, picking up one point in DET is huge. Ferraro is going on and on about how "one point isn't enough" at this time of year, and while that is in some ways true, I think it's pretty misleading. If there were one game left, including tonight's game, that I would consider it acceptable to "only" get one point, I think I would probably pick this game. Second game of a BTB against the best team in the conference, and the best home team in the NHL. One point is very nice, though of course two would be better.

Wow did Cleary embarrass Staios on that rush.

Really nice play by Pouliot to gain control of that puck, too bad he didn't convert that since it would have been a really pretty finish. Not much to dislike about Pouliot since recall. I've got to admit I wavered with him a bit earlier this year, but he was still, IMO, the best prospect in the Oilers system, or no worse than top 3 anyways. He's starting to show the offensive upside that I figured he had back at the 2003 draft, where I had Pouliot ranked ahead of Phaneuf (oops).

Kind of nice to see them limit Pisani's minutes, I'm assuming because he's a bit out of game shape? Wonder what Winchester thinks of all the roster activity going on while he keeps holding down the press box. I know if I were him, I'd be careful with my remaining paychecks, it's not looking like a given that he'll get a one way deal next year and his remaining salary for this year could go a long way for a guy if properly managed. Then again, with regards to money I'm sure I'm more cautious than most, lol. BTW, that's a nice way of admitting I'm cheap.

Not much going on during this PP, not great decision making by any of the Oilers on that man advantage.

Pouliot draws a penalty, nice move to force that play.

2nd period over: Great stop by Roloson late in the 2nd, hopefully that quality goaltending continues the rest of the night, EDM will probably need it to pick up a point. 3-2 DET after 2.

I don't know what it is about Torres, but he's got a real knack for being in the right place on weird plays like that. Tied game, pretty impressive given the penalty calls against so far tonight.

Really nice read by Roy with 8:40 left in the second, not an easy play on which to decide which option to take.

And Lupul out with a concussion. 4 players out with concussions within a pretty small period of time. Nothing new here, but I wonder how much of this concussion stuff has to do with a different standard for diagnosis vs. even 4 years ago, and how much has to do with bigger, fast players who aren't being slowed down to the same extent that maybe they were pre-lockout.

Some brief thoughts on the Laraque rumors. It's been said numerous times that PIT should go after Laraque, and in a somewhat rare occurance I agree with that general consensus, though not necessarily for the reasons the commentators mention. Sure the deterent factor is nice, but PIT has a crazy PP, Laraque will draw penalties. Hell, playing Laraque on a line with a solid puck control player like Crosby might be useful just in drawing penalties for the PIT PP to work.


Kind of a make-up call on Lidstrom there, or more accurately, a very stringent standard is still being enforced. Not my cup of tea, but I like the NHL before the lockout. I also would prefer games end in ties after 60 minutes, no OT or SO, so I'm guessing that doesn't make me a typical NHL fan to begin with, nevermind a "new NHL" fan. And now into the 1st INT, with a DET 2-1 lead.

What a terrific heads-up play by Lidstrom, and why is Hemsky not on for a 4 on 3. And two calls on that Zetterberg rush, what the hell is Sykora supposed to do there? I didn't know that part of the "new NHL" was "no defence allowed, because that hurts scoring rates". Oh well, what can you do?

IMO that's a pretty decent check by Kronwall, certainly not crazy vicious or anything. But he did jump into it by the looks of it. I wouldn't have minded seeing Roloson and Hasek go, that would have been pretty interesting. A senior citizens fight, as it were.

Nice finish by Smyth, great pass by Thoresen. Not often you see Thoresen out with the more talented players, looked good making that pass.

Another PP, didn't really see what happened but sounds like it wasn't deserved, and with ace PKer Pouliot in the box a goal was certain.

Nice pressure from the Oilers after the 2nd penalty expired, but this is a rough looking game. If Det's top line can handle EDM's, then what happens?

Ah yes, Zetterberg. Good thing DET has this guy signed up for 2 more years at ~2.6 mil a year. That won't help them stay near the top of the standings at all ;)

Penalty against the Oilers, be interesting to see if Pouliot keeps getting so much PK ice time. And Pouliot starts, and now we've got a 5 on 3 against with 2 centers in the box, Stoll on the IR.

Nice save by Roloson, after Roy gets a nice shot somewhere in the leg. Haven't mentioned it yet, but Tjarnqvist is back. hopefully the aren't rushing him back, but if they end up as sellers it's definitely a plus if Tjarnqvist is shown as healthy before you (potentially) trade him.

19:30 left in the first:

And Horcoff is shaken up. Promising start, lol


Alright, not looking promising here given this is the second of BTB games, and DET is the best home team in the league. Oh, and they are also 2nd in the NHL in points.

Starting goalies are, not surprisingly, Roloson and Hasek.

Oilers start with Horc's line, DET with Z, Datsyuk and Holmstrom.


Blogger Scarlett said...

I also liked the pre-lockout NHL. I miss it sometimes, especially after games like this.

2/23/2007 6:28 pm  
Blogger mudcrutch79 said...

Good game log speeds. I couldn't agree more on the point about a single point being good tonight. I like Ferraro and I understand where he's coming from...still, steep odds against the Oil tonight.

2/23/2007 8:12 pm  
Blogger Black Dog said...

A nice two points to pick up.

Speeds - how did Roy and Smid look overall. I saw nothing and heard nothing - just been moving around the internet.

How did the kids look? Or can you give us a post game report??

Tyler - you still around? Up for shinny tomorrow night? Did you get my email?

2/23/2007 8:23 pm  
Blogger speeds said...

Roy and Smid looked pretty good, nothing great, but tonight I believe cemented me in my position that Greene's got to go to keep Tjarnqvist around next season.

The upgrade from Greene to Tjarnqvist is really noticeable. Next year Tjarnqvist will probably cost around the 1.6 mil he cost this year, while Greene will probably be up to something like 0.9 mil-1mil. That extra money is worth the upgrade, especially if you can peddle Greene for something of value.

2/23/2007 8:32 pm  
Blogger speeds said...

Also, they've got to get Hejda extended before people start noticing this guy.

2/23/2007 8:35 pm  
Blogger speeds said...

Dependant on terms, of course, though how do you value a guy like Hejda? If you were his agent, what would you be willing to accept for Hejda to not hit the market?

2/23/2007 8:40 pm  
Blogger Black Dog said...

Well, everyone has been throwing around 3 years @ 1.3 a year or so but who the hell knows?

That was a great move by Lowe - he has not had a good year but credit for that. Hopefully it was the same scout who recommended the Russian kid.

2/23/2007 8:45 pm  
Blogger Black Dog said...

And agreed on Greene. I think he will be decent but with Gilbert, Roy, Smid etc. well, someone has to go and I don't know if he has the upside or the game.

Interesting point on the whole seller/buyer thing but with Carter going for a fifth today how much do you think Sykora or Shaggy brings anyway? Or do you figure its better to get something/anything for Sykora then nothing at all?

2/23/2007 8:48 pm  
Blogger speeds said...

I know if I were Hejda I wouldn't be too anxious to sign that deal. Why? How can he really get less than that by going UFA? He may not get much more/any more than that as a UFA, but I wouldn't see the harm in waiting if I were Hejda, or signing a one or 2 year deal instead of a 3 year deal. We'll see, I guess.

As for Greene, it's not that I specifically dislike him as a player, but just what you're saying BD, the upside isn't there to spend the time developing him, especially if you can sign a Hejda/Tjarnqvist to be a (considerably?) better player as a UFA for 500 K more.

2/23/2007 8:56 pm  

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