Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A Collection of Thoughts

1) I am a big fan of Sam Gagner. Whether or not he becomes a better NHL player than Voracek, I will be happy with the pick as every quote I can find on the guy implies a positive attitude and good hockey sense. I know that a person's disposition isn't measured in goals and assists but I am of the opinion that character matters, especially in NHL prospects. In fairness, you don't get many quotes from Voracek (language issues?) but the devil we know in this situation is saying and doing all of the right things.

2) From what I've read, I like the Plante, Nash, Omark, and Kytnar picks. Plante and Nash seem like safe enough bets while Omark and Kytnar seem like exactly the types of gamble you'd want to take in later rounds. Who the crap is William Quist?

3) Cherepanov, IMO, even with all of the question marks, should have been taken at #15. When you have (at that time) 4 picks inside the top 36 you can afford to swing for the fences, especially when the talent is so clearly there. I realize there may have been any number of behind-the-scenes reasons not to take him from attitude to fitness to willingness to play in the NHL to who knows what - I'm not saying I know what's what but I AM saying the gamble at 15 seems more than worth it.

4) Two schools of thought:
a - picks 15, 30, and 36 are supposed to be an ultimate crapshoot in this draft. The draft is, as we all know, often a crapshoot anyway. Therefore, probability says that it is best to throw as many darts as possible at the board.

b - picks 15, 30, and 36 are supposed to be an ultimate crapshoot in this draft. The draft is, as we all know, often a crapshoot anyway. Therefore, if there's a player you like, then who cares about the extra pick. It's low percentage anyway.

5) Ryan Smyth is going to become a Toronto Maple Leaf (S5). TSN has decided for some reason to hype Smyth along with Briere and Drury ahead of comparably marketable options such as Gomez, Kariya, and Rafalski. Toronto needs a #1 LW very badly. Toronto is a Canadian city and they like to throw money around. I couldn't care less if the Maple Leafs and Smyth even know the other exists but the puzzle piece can be made to fit with only a reasonable amount of edge-mashing. As such, it warrants an S5. Only time will tell if I'm more accurate than Eklund.

6) Curtis Sanford and Alex Auld will become unrestricted free agents this Sunday. Either one would make suitable replacements for Jussi Markannen if he does indeed want to leave town for a bigger role. If you don't know who Curtis Sanford is then you don't remember him absolutely stonewalling the Oilers for bottom feeder St. Louis in "back-to-back" games before and after the Olympic break in 2006... and you especially don't remember how those games were pretty much "must win" at the time. Given that we still had Conkannen in net at the time those two games were perhaps the most frustrating few hours I have ever spent watching Sportsnet.

7) Two defensemen that will now be UFAs are Karel Rachunek and Alexei Semenov. The last I remember of Rachunek is that he helped me win a couple weekly pools back when he was an Ottawa Senator. At 27 he might be reaching the age when other teams have paid him to suck and actual NHL success might reasonably be in his future considering that his resume isn't actually that bad thus far for a guy being given up on. Alex Semenov on the other hand may soon be the poster boy for exactly who we don't want Alex Plante(-nov?) to become.

8) Finally, Dallas Drake is available on waivers and will be a UFA should he clear. Does he have enough left in the tank to be useful in the Dvorak/Johnson role? My bet is no but it's entirely possible Kevin Lowe is cheaper than I am.



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6) re:Sanford -- saw him good, or actually good? Can't be worse than Jussi's #'s this past year.

7) Rachunek would have to pass a physical due to leg injury, but that passes as a "value (cheap)" signing.

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