Thursday, July 26, 2007

Kevin Lowe, having some fun

Diving back in the RFA offer sheet world, Kevin Lowe and the Oilers have signed LW Dustin Penner to a 5 year, 21.5 million dollar contract.

I have been on the RFA offer sheet bandwagon for awhile, but was not for it this summer given that I thought EDM's draft pick would be worth too much to lose as compensation, given the quality of the RFA's available.

I don't like this move, but I'm not very familiar with Penner, so it's not much of an informed opinion in any case.

Interesting summer, this one. It has gone very differently from what I would have done, but let's see how it turns out.

*edit* The more I think/read about this move and Penner, the less I like it, but I will admit there is upside and it could, in theory, work out.

Also, I do not think Burke will match this - I would guess that Penner will be an Oiler.


Blogger namflashback said...

Gotta concur speeds.

Observations --
- Buffalo had their own PR nightmare in losing the captains, so could ill afford to lose the BEST PLAYER, potential or otherwise on their roster
- Burke, when interviewed after the Vanek sheet says -- "We'll match any offer sheet."

Just smells like Burke was throwing a line in the water there.

7/26/2007 8:14 pm  

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