Saturday, October 13, 2007

Game Notes by Dennis

Just a few notes on this. I decided to take a rough count of scoring chances for and against for this game but I only decided to tally the first forty minutes. My reasoning being with the Oilers down two goals heading into the final frame, they'd take more chances and thus would play in a style that doesn't represent their usual MO. If they were a team that normally played a trading-chances style from the drop of the puck, I would've included the final frame. That not being the case, I decided just to log the chances from the first two periods.

This isn't perfect, mind you, but it gives a fairly solid idea of which team's outchancing whom and which lines are coming out on top. This doesn't speak towards which lines carry the mail in terms of tough matchups, though you can see what can happen when "good" lines gets assignment against "bad" ones. As always, I'll be using numbers to indicate the players involved. I imagine that anyone interested enough to read this post is also interested enough to check out the gamesheets to see just which Oilers I'm talking about.

1st Period

+ 22-19-8 pick up a scoring chance, not sure who against, when Miller tries to go up the right boards but that's blocked by 22 and then 19 and 8 go in for a two on one with 8 being the triggerman

+ 27-10-83 line create a chance with 83 taking a shot from the slot and this comes vs Kesler-Morrison-Naslund

- Cooke nearly sweeps in a huge rebound off a Ritchie shot, ie Isbister is the other winger, and this comes against 8-13-12.

+ 81-13-12 roars back on the same shift with their own chance from a breakaway by 8.

%% Edm PP: No chances for or against

$$$ - VAN GOAL: Oilers 44 out of position on big hit and both him and 27 lazy in their defense and Sedins/Pyatt score on 27-10-83

$$$ - VAN GOAL: Burrows-Rypien-Cowan scores against 14-19-89 off a rebound from a shot that really should've been gloved by Garon.

+ Wraparound attempt by 27 while playing with 89-83. This happens against the Burrows line

+ Slot attempt by 8 while playing with 19-51. This happens vs the Sedins

$$$ - EDM GOAL: 44 scores on a pass from 89 with 10-83 rounding out that line. Goal comes against Sedins

First period chances: 6-3 Oilers with all of the chances coming at even-strength

2nd Period:

%% Edm PP: No Edm chances

$$$ VAN GOAL: Shorthanded marker with the Oilers employing 16-25 as their
pointmen and terrible pinch by 16 off the left point.

- Pyatt, while playing with the Sedins, hits the pipe though I'm not sure
who this was against. It wasn't a pure scoring chance, just like Lidstrom
scoring from centre against Cloutier in '02 wasn't a scoring chance;) but
because it drew iron, it has to be counted.

+ 8 breaks free again and this time while playing with 16-83. The chance
comes against the Sedins

%% Van PP: No Van chances

+ Oilers get a SH chance off a broken three-on-two with a sweeping attempt by 24 that's first thwarted by Morrison and then by Luongo

$$$ EDM PP : GOAL. Two chances by 14 and he bangs in the rebound.

$$$ VAN GOAL: Morrison, playing with Kesler-Naslund, vs 14-19-83. An odd combo by MacT that was the first line after the PP marker and a very weak goal by Morrisson. Looked like Roli totally lost his position in net.

- Sedins with a chance off a jam play and it happens against 27-10-83

Second period chances: 4-3 for the Canucks but one of the oddest periods you'll ever watch. The Canucks had no chances between their SH marker and the Morrison goal and were in pure trap mode.

Chances after two periods: 9-7 Oilers

Just a couple of things to throw out to finish this post. I guess it slipped by me but apparently the Oilers reacquired Ty Conklin before tonight's game and in a move that further shocked me, he dressed up as both Garon and Roloson. Seriously, there was an odour on all five goals and Roli made two, maybe three saves of note but overall a terrible performance both by the Oilers starting pitching and their bullpen. You'll be hard pressed to win against anyone when your netminding is this bad but when it happens in a game against Luongo, you'll need a whole lot of luck on your side.

In Roloson's defense, it was the first time in four appearences that his play was less than stellar so it's not overly worrisome. Garon, on the other hand, needs to bounce back large considering his first two starts have furrowed many a brow. I had the chances after 40 min at 9-7 Oilers but two of Canucks chances would've easily been erased by decent netminding so from the goalie out, the Oilers did their job.

I'm not saying Robert Nilsson will be farmed out tomorrow, but I think that given his recent praise for Pouliot, MacTavish must have decided to replace MP with Jacques because Pouliot is somewhat injured. I really can't think of another explanation and with Jacques looking comfortable in a role with 14-16 and Nilsson, along with Reasoner and Brodziak, clutching the shortened bench short straw with Reasoner and Brodziak, this kid won't stay in the picture if Pouliot is able to play on Saturday night in Vancouver. It should basically be down to him and Brodziak for the next healthy scratch winner.

It's really hard to fault the Oilers for this loss. They outchanced their opposition and this is what one looks for when it comes to a home performance. Bad netminding at one end and steady to stellar netminding on the other end would eventually spell their doom and in that regard this smelled an awful lot like the '06 season where you had a feeling that even if the Oilers drew close, their netminding would let them down.

Note: Word just leaked out that Nilsson has indeed been sent down but that Jacques will join him and Schremp and Stortini will take their places. I thought I was past the point of caring about what happened with Jacques but JFJ out and Stortini in must mean that MacT wants a goon and not a player. I know Stortini's NHL point totals are better than Jacques but I can't think of any other reason. Nilsson out for Schremp is quite simply re-arranging soft-minute chairs on the Titantic. Neither should ever be expected to be anything more than a vulture but if one of them works out then the organization will be better for it.


Blogger Vic Ferrari said...

I'm sure that Staios is injured. I mean you get into third periods and he isn't playing much against the other team's best. Playing hurt is the only sensible reason I can think of.

I'm pleasantly surprised with Sanderson in this one Pitkanen too. I mean for this season I'd rather have Gator, but in the long run that's a very good move I think.

What do you make of MacT moving Hemsky onto the Reasoner line? And having them play against the top two lines for the most part (it seemed, haven't checked). Personally, I like that.

10/13/2007 4:13 pm  
Blogger Dennis said...

Maybe it's MacT's way of saying that he thinks Hemsky is good enough to elevate the play of lessers? Horc's gonna be able to hold his own as long as he gets decent linemates and that's not saying that Reasoner is chopped liver. 19 can also protect th puck and create some opps off the cycle and we know Hemsky can do it all but what we really need on that line is a finisher. But that's what the Oilers have needed for a long time.

Agreed on the Pitkanen/Smith deal. I don't think like for this year but going forward a lot of how the Oilers wind up D corps wise depends on JP's maturation.

10/13/2007 7:25 pm  
Blogger Black Dog said...

Good stuff Dennis - Brodziak scratched tonight.

And Stortini drops them right off the bat.

10/13/2007 8:11 pm  
Blogger Big T said...

Great stuff Dennis;

This kind of thing is really the way we should all watch games.


10/14/2007 9:39 pm  

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