Saturday, November 03, 2007

Joy Division

I'm still kicking at this Corsi stuff. This more back to the original intent of it, it's use as a measure of the activity in a hockey game. It's entertainment value, so to speak.

Really we should be looking at a comparison to the pre-lockout era. But for now I just thought I'd throw them up on a 'by team' basis for the season so far.

Eastern Conference teams are in yellow, Western Conference in purple. The challenge is to spot the pattern. There will be no prizes today.

This is purely a measure of the number of shots directed at net, by either team, in the games that the listed team has played in.

So, by way of example, and trusting memory:
OTT games average 45 shots directed at net in either direction. OTT probably creates the better of the chances with those shots, and probably have better finishers than their oppoinents as well. But all we're looking at here is the amount of shit happening, the "flow", if you will. And clearly in OTT games, TOR, MTL, CAR, etc as well ... the puck isn't spending much time bouncing around in the neutral zone or being ground along the boards while a patient D watches. Because it just can't be.

ANA, on the other hand, are clearly getting the better of the shots-directed-at-net (34-29). Plus they have a lot of good finishers. But there is a whole helluva lot of hockey being played in ANA games where there isn't any rubber headed towards the goalie, not at either end.

Makes sense, no?


Blogger voxel said...

Phoenix has been outshooting their opponents in the preseason and it seems has carried over. If they could increase the quality of those shots they'd be golden.

11/03/2007 3:07 pm  
Blogger Vic Ferrari said...

I wasn't at all clear on what those numbers are, my bad. Those are the total number of shots directed at net (goals, missed or blocked) at evens for EITHER team in the games they were involved in.

So, by the numbers, you're right that Phoenix is a bit shot happy ... 37 even strength shots directed at net per game average, for a team that doesn't score much at evens (last night aside), that's a bunch. Surely there are a lot of hopeful shots in there, either that or stunning bad luck.

38 against though. That's a lot of pucks flying around at both ends of the rink, at least for the Western Conference it is.

11/03/2007 6:03 pm  

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