Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Tocchet Back In The Game

I'm going to choose to believe that this title for Dan Barnes' latest blog post is accidental. If it isn't, it's brilliant.

My comment there from this morning hasn't been posted yet, it seems that there is an approval process. The Journal should change this, if they look at the papers that are making real scratch from this medium, they'll spot that trend quickly enough. Then again, those papers don't own a piece of the local team ... it's easy for me to say.

Our man Tocchet has been reinstated by Vince McMahon Gary Bettman, the same man who believes that there is no steroid abuse in the WWF NHL. If Bettman and Selig were both gay, they would be married by now, it would be better that way, at least we could all take solace in the fact that they could never have children.

I mean sweet Jesus, this is Edmonton, surely everyone who posts here probably knows a few guys in the league, or agents or coaches, and has noticed some pretty severe dimensional and personality changes in the folks they used to like.

But I digress. Back to topic, I don't care that hockey players gamble. I think that it's a shame that this money leaves the local economy in the current landscape, with all this offshore shit, but it's same-old. I'm guessing, but I doubt it was any different in Eddie Shore's day. Besides that ,I don't care.

I hope that one day a journalist decides to take a look at NHL referees on this subject, you don't need to be Bob Woodward here, folks. I'm just talking out loud here. As a fan of the game that Gary Bettman is caretaking.


Blogger Slipper said...


Copy and paste that link. It's relevant.

11/06/2007 4:08 pm  
Blogger Vic Ferrari said...

Yes it is.

Do you want to start threads here slipper? I think that you should, if the mood strikes.

Of course we have strict rules:

1. If you don't make a single post over a seven or eight month stretch ... you might get deleted from the sidebar.

2. No pay.

That may seem harsh, bu thems the rules.

11/06/2007 4:23 pm  
Blogger Vic Ferrari said...

My unpublished comment from Barnes' blog, it doesn't seem to have made the grade. Too controversial? I didn't think so.

My point: Tocchet was making book.

I suppose that Bettman would like to create the impression that Tocchet's indescretions were minor. I would love to have been a fly on the wall when Bettman discovered that Tocchet had entered himself in the World Series of Poker. A shame that Rick didn't get better cards, that would have been a great story if he'd had some success there.

One thing that should be too obvious to mention: Tocchet was making book, probably with the "relatives" of hockey players as his primary clientele, I think that the Jagr and Roenick incidents spooked that crowd. And these guys have lost touch with their local neighbourhoods, they make a whack of cash now, guys like this aren't drinking at David's any more, they have no idea how to find a local bookie. And clearly they're not bright enough to set up an offshore account and buy a disposable cell phone.

The New Jersey cop was just his hedge, to think otherwise would be insanely naive, and Bettman is nothing if not shrewd.

By way of example: if Tocchet took 10 K on PIT to win the Superbowl from one of his punters, and then another 12K on SEA in the game ... how much do you think he forwarded to New Jersey for the hedge? 22k?

11/07/2007 9:18 am  
Blogger Slipper said...

Yeah, it's silly really. By his connections and position Tochett has access to all these millionaires and he's going to pass the bucks on to some highway patrolman from Newark, or wherever? Give me a break.

Gretzky dummied up nicely on this one. I mean your primary assistant and, judging by the fact he's rallied to have Tochett back in the Coyotes fold, good friend is taking calls from your wife, and you know sweet fuck all about it? Sure Gretz has cash, but 20K or 30K must still means something, no? Unless that ammount of dough to them is like a kid shaving some change out their mom's purse.

So either he's becoming suspicous that his wife is having drug fuelled sex parties with his assistant coach, or else he know all about Rick's book.

11/07/2007 5:49 pm  
Blogger PDO said...

Lets say I work for a fitness company... and one of our clients happens to work pretty heavily with Celine every summer. Now, it's not like Celine was liked by anyone here (my couzin was on his Bantam AA team, he went to the same Junior High and High School as me and and is 3 years older...), so I don't think we could judge anything on a personality change...

But true story, the guy put on 20 lbs of muscle in a Summer (06).

I'll let a smart fellow like the two who have already posted in this thread connect the dots :)

11/08/2007 6:06 pm  

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