Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Faceoff Zones

http://timeonice.com crashed a few days ago. Apparently the reason was that my CPU taxing php scripts were causing problems with the server, specifically a bunch of people were accessing teamfaceoffs.php at once. That's the script that generates the even strength faceoff zone starts by player.

That program had to be deleted. In lieu of that, you can find the 2008/2009 regular season 5v5 faceoff zone starts at http://timeonice.com/faceoffsEDM.html. Just change the three letter team abbreviation to look at other team's results. Note that while the header says "Even Strength", the numbers are for 5v5 hockey only, and only when both goalies were in the nets. NHL.com team abbreviations are listed here.


Blogger Scott Reynolds said...

Thanks for the information Vic. I was curious, is the 2007-08 data still avialable in a similar HTML format or not so much? Also, a thousand thanks for all of the work you've put in to the TOI project.

8/05/2009 12:27 am  
Blogger Kent W. said...

Much obliged!

8/05/2009 6:00 pm  
Blogger The Falconer said...

How about the end-of-shift face off data?

And thanks again, I use this all the time.

8/10/2009 9:19 am  
Blogger Bruce said...

Vic: Too bad about the program crash; this is extremely useful data. Hope you can sort it out for 2009-10.

Not sure if you noticed, but the numbers on your html file linked here are substantially lower than what was on the php files at season's end. Didn't think to save the end-of-season data and sure wish I had, but as one example I cited Kyle Brodziak's numbers in this post, recording 330 DZone draws v. 181 in the OZone. The "new" numbers have him at 226 and 114 respectively.

I also recall Shawn Horcoff with 466 DZ draws and 310 in OZ, with another 400 or so in the neutral zone (I pay much less attention to that column). For sure NHL.com shows Horcoff took 1136 draws at even strength (and presumably was on the ice for a few more waved out of the circle) whereas your new data shows he was on the ice for just 870.

Have you changed something? Maybe is this data just faceoffs at start of shift as opposed to all faceoffs? It's an important distinction.

Also, I second The Falconer's question about end-of-shift data and Scott's about 2007-08.

Sorry to be so late with this response.

8/29/2009 12:04 pm  
Blogger Bruce said...

Oops ... cited Brodziak's stats in this post

8/29/2009 12:29 pm  
Blogger R O said...

Bruce: I recall Vic saying there was a version of his scripts that was buggy - they would keep checking NHL.com for new game logs and keep finding the logs for the last day of the regular season. And then adding that game's data to the database.

Didn't Edmonton play the last day? If so this affects the Oilers data.

8/29/2009 9:22 pm  
Blogger Bruce said...

R O: Nope, the Oil finished up on the Saturday, in Calgary. I was tracking their faceoff data all season, esp. Horcoff and Brodziak, and the numbers cited above were consistent with how things went all season, no spurious data involved. But the "new" numbers are way lower.

9/09/2009 12:56 am  

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