Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Auf der Strasse wieder

Just like Willie, I'm on the road again and a little confused about the tax implications.

As usual I have been ignoring the blog, but my excuse is that I am now in my fourth location in less than two years and this time I moved to Germany. I have discovered that this puts a heck of a wrench in any hockey watching plans, but I am slowly getting more internet access so I hope to follow the team like in the old days of 2001-2005, where I mostly just played around with numbers and openly mocked season ticket holders. Ah, nostalgia.

The trade deadline was fairly interesting. I hope to work the numbers on O'Sullivan in the near future, but he strikes me as a player that has had a stretch of good performances against the Oilers in the past two years and that makes me pretty nervous. Those kind of buys always seem to come back to haunt you, but I'll reserve judgement until I actually see the data. The cost is also interesting. Cole is a pending UFA, but the trick with O'Sullivan is that he is already making decent scratch. It's not a burden of a contract, but it is a non-trivial percentage of the cap and if he can't cover the bet (a la Nilsson) then it's another slice in the Oilers' Cap Death by a Thousand Cuts.

Kotalik was picked up at a reasonable cost. As far as chasing bad bets goes, it could be worse than throwing a 2nd rounder to the wind. It's just my opinion, but I never thought the Oilers were a serious contender for a playoff spot this year and it was always about getting set for 2009-2010. The Oilers' front office never took that stance in word or action, so they had to make some changes at the deadline if they were within spitting distance.

Calgary is a killer. I don't rate Jokinen and never have. But, contrary to the TSN analysis, I bet he doesn't see much of Thornton or any of the big WC centres in the playoffs and that is a good thing for the Flames. Lombardi's probably the better player overall, but Jokinen's arguably a better bet to feast on weaker opposition and the Flames needed that. Meanwhile, Leopold was simply an awesome grab. Your time is now Calgary. I won't be cheering for you.