Friday, April 23, 2010 Script Notes. Part II.

Part I is here. You will need to read that first.
I have added some features to the even strength statistic scripts at

  1. Appending &hv=1 will only report data from road games, &hv=-1 returns home game data.
  2. Appending &shawn=22 will only report events that occurred when the player wearing #22 was on the ice. By way of example will output the results of every Oiler player during the time they were on the ice with Ethan Moreau at even strength during the 09/10 season.
  3. Appending &skip=20336 20636 20874 21173 will cause these games to be omitted from the results. In this case all of the EDM vs PHX games would be skipped.
If you really want to get your geek on, you can use item 3 to filter out the games that were not recorded by the scoring chance trackers for any team. And if you do that for the Oilers, accessing oilogosphere commenter quain's summary table, then you can easily look for trends, such as the one below (click to enlarge).

If you can't spot the pattern there, well you're just not trying.