Sunday, September 25, 2011

Good Television

For well over a decade I've relied on Internet hockey fans to tell me what TV shows and films are worth watching. I know there isn't a causal link between good hockey talk and a sharp eye for quality drama, but it's worked so far. From Arrested Development, Cranivale and Curb Your Enthusiam through to The Wire, Breaking Bad and Community ... you cats have rarely let me down.

So an open question to anyone who still stops by this abandoned blog ... what's worth watching?

Breaking Bad has me hooked, though I'd advise against watching more than one episode a week if you buy DVDs. The protagonists are just too frustrating. Parks and Recreation may well be the most underrated comedy ever produced, and It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia continues to push boundaries for the sake of it. No show is more likely to make you laugh until you cry.

On the film front, I'm ten years behind with the zombie film craze, but they're awesome. The Resident Evil series was hammered by critics, I don't know why, they are all great. 28 Days is the benchmark, though. And there are a raft of terrific independent films out there as well, reminiscent of the character driven movies of the 70s.

Any road, what is good?